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Yes! In the Old Testament, when a person died, the biblical writers said he was " gathered to his people" (cf. Gen. 25:8; 35:29; 49:29; Num. 20:24; Judg. 2:10).


Aug 17, 2016 ... Although we don't know the answer to this question for sure, the most likely answer is “yes”—we will recognize and remember our loved ones ...


Oct 23, 2007 ... 'Does the Bible teach that we will recognize our loved ones in heaven?'


Will I be reunited with my loved ones when I arrive in Heaven? ... What does the Bible say about whether we will be able to recognize people in the afterlife?


by Dillon Burroughs. One of our most anticipated desires for heaven is the ability to reunite with loved ones in Christ who have gone before us. What does the ...


Sep 9, 2008 ... When a believer dies and go to heaven will we either know or recognize our loved ones that went to be with the Lord before us? I don't think ...


Jan 1, 2001 ... The implication of Scripture is that we will know our loved ones in heaven ... The disciples were able to recognize the Lord after His death and ...


There are several indications in Scripture that we will maintain our identity in heaven and, thus, be recognizable to our loved ones (and they to us). ... In 1 Thessalonians 2:19-20 Paul expected to recognize in heaven the Thessalonian ...


Does recognition of friends and loved ones exist beyond this present life? ... If our Father has already given his Son, will he not supply us with other gifts ... If we could not remember or recognize ourselves, there would no longer be personality.