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Sneezing With Your Eyes Open | MythBusters | Discovery


Apr 11, 2012 ... Can sneezing with your eyes open make your eyeballs pop out? ... So why do eyelids snap shut when a sneeze comes on, as if they're guarding the ... Now that your eyes are open, too, you can see right through this myth.

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Oct 25, 2011 ... If you're worried that my eyes will pop out or anything like that, just be happy that a screen lies ... Your laughing standards must be very low....

If you keep your eyes open when you sneeze, would they pop out ...


Jan 2, 2016 ... If you keep your eyes open when you sneeze, would they pop out? ... keep your eyes in place when sneezing, and yet, most of us can't help but ...

The eye-popping truth about why we close our eyes when we sneeze


Apr 12, 2013 ... School kids will tell you it's prevent your eyes from popping out, ... though it may feel as if pressure builds in your entire face before you sneeze, ...

Can you sneeze while keeping your eyes open? - Quora


There's a similar question here and I've copied my answer below. If you're determined enough, ... Some people believe your eyes would pop out from the pressure if you kept your eyes open, but while you can sneeze with quite a velocity, your ...

What happens when your eyeball falls out of your socket? - Slate


Mar 13, 2006 ... My Eyeball Just Fell Out of Its Socket ... If your doctors can't pop your eye back in —because you've got too much ... You can also trigger luxation while putting in your contact lenses, or with a particularly violent sneeze.

Surprising Things that Make You Sneeze - WebMD


If you sneeze with your eyes open, will your eyes pop out? WebMD addresses sneezing: the myths, causes, and more.

Why is it absolutely impossible to sneeze with your eyes open ...


Jan 13, 2007 ... 'Geek gene' denied: If you find computer science hard, it's your fault (or your teacher's) ... One of the classic Odd Body Questions is why can't I sneeze without closing my eyes. ... This pressure is not enough to pop your eyes out of your head or even ... So long as you just want to answer 'yes...

Why Do We Close Our Eyes When We Sneeze? - The ZocDoc Blog


Jul 3, 2013 ... Next time you're going to sneeze, try to keep your eyes open. ... The bad news is that if your eyeballs were going to pop out of your head (called eyeball ... So what's the real reason most of us can't sneeze without blinking?

Why Do You Close Your Eyes When You Sneeze?


Why Your Eyes Close When you Sneeze? ... The old wives' tale that your eyeballs will pop out if you sneeze with your eyes open is yet another attempt to ...

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If you sneeze with your eyes open, will your eyes pop out of your ...


You're 5 years old, and word on the playground is that if you sneeze with your eyes open, they'll pop right out of your head. Given that you've got a nasty cold, ...

Can You Sneeze with Your Eyes Open? | Wonderopolis


Fear not, fellow sneezers! The act of sneezing — also known as sternutation — will not cause your eyes to pop out, even if you do sneeze with your eyes open.

True or false: your heart stops beating when you sneeze (and other ...


If You Do Keep Your Eyes Open During a Sneeze, They Will Pop Out of Your Head ... Also, holding your eyes open with your fingers when you sneeze has not  ...