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List of asteroid close approaches to Earth in 2016 - Wikipedia, the ...


Below is the list of asteroid close approaches to Earth in 2016. Contents. [hide]. 1 Timeline of .... 2009 DL46 (~200 meters in diameter) will pass 6.2 (2.4 million km) from Earth on May 24, 2016. 2...

Asteroid Day: Near-Earth objects may threaten planet - CNN.com


Jun 29, 2016 ... This graphic shows asteroid 2016 HO3 orbiting Earth as the pair go ..... So how likely is it that an asteroid will hit Earth in the near future?

Asteroid strike could cause 'immense suffering' | Fox News


Aug 1, 2016 ... A huge asteroid hurtling through space at 63000mph could one day hit ... Aug 4, 2016 ..... it will never strike earth - that would require gravity.

Scientists Say Giant Asteroid Could Hit Earth Next Week, Causing ...


Jul 12, 2016 ... And what does this have to do with asteroids hitting the earth? In July 2016, Yackler Magazine published an article bearing the clickbait title, ...

Gigantic Celestial Wrecking Ball Headed Toward Earth


5 days ago ... All this talk about March 2016 could be a smokescreen designed to ...... An asteroid or meteor will hit the earth on September 24, 2015 - you ...

Scientists say giant asteroid could hit earth next week, causing mass ...


Jul 9, 2016 ... Scientists say giant asteroid could hit earth next week, causing mass ... The asteroid has been named 2016-FI and measures approximately 1 km across. ... blue, yellow, pink, whatever – into your comment, would you?

2016 Predictions: Asteroid Impact On Earth Will End The World For ...


Nov 28, 2015 ... 2016 Predictions: Asteroid Impact On Earth Will End The World For The Anti- Christ — What Does NASA Say About Meteors Hitting Earth?

Asteroid 2016 LT1 sweeps close June 7 2016 | Space | EarthSky


Jun 7, 2016 ... Image acquired June 6, 2016 by Gianluca Masi at the Virtual Telescope ... So if this asteroid were to hit Earth, it would become a meteor.

NASA to Investigate "Armageddon" Asteroid That Could Destroy Earth


Aug 1, 2016 ... NASA will send OSIRIS-REx to investigate a giant asteroid that is capable of obliterating Earth if it hits the ... NASA set to unravel giant #asteroid that can hit # Earthhttps://t.co/dhWTfjVNwf. — NewsX (@NewsX) August 1, 2016.

Asteroid to Hit Earth: NASA is Ready - Clapway


May 5, 2016 ... May 5, 2016 ... Asteroid Will Hit Earth in 2023; NASA knows… ... Asteroid Bennu, the new threat to Earth may strike the planet sometime in the ...

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RUSSIA WARNS: Asteroid Impact in Atlantic Ocean ...


This Near Earth Object is arriving along with the Meteor Debris field expected to ... Russia Warns that this Large Asteroid will Impact in the Atlantic Ocean. .... in a way but only meteor exploded before hitting the atlantic ocean 23 march 2016, ...

Current Impact Risks - Near-Earth Object Program - NASA


The following table lists potential future Earth impact events that the JPL Sentry System has ... the most current asteroid catalog for possibilities of future impact with Earth over the next 100 years. Whenever a potential impact is detected it will be analyzed and the results immediately ... 632 NEAs: Last Updated Aug 29, 2016

ASTEROID DOOM? Mega space rock that could hit Earth coming ...


Jun 10, 2016 ... A MONSTER asteroid that astronomers fear could smash into Earth, with ... PUBLISHED: 13:50, Fri, Jun 10, 2016 | UPDATED: 15:20, Sun, Jun 12, 2016 .... But 1997 XF11 will return to Earth in 2028, passing at just 588,000 ...