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List of dates predicted for apocalyptic events - Wikipedia, the free ...


This is a list of predicted dates for apocalyptic events, such as the Rapture, Last Judgment, or any other event that would result in the end of humanity, civilization, the planet, or the entire uni...

Beyond 2012: Why the World Didn't End - NASA


Q: What is the origin of the prediction that the world will end in 2012? ... Is it true that the Earth's crust does a 180-degree rotation around the core in a matter of ...

Maya Apocalypse 2012? The Truth About the Calendar, Predictions ...


Dec 19, 2012 ... Will the world end December 21, 2012? ... explains the truth behind the Maya ' apocalypse,' calendar, and predictions. ... Maya Calendar's Real

Will the world end on December 21, 2012? The worrying evidence ...


Oct 27, 2009 ... Why the world will NOT end in 2012: Nasa scientist debunks. ..... Because, every other specific "the world is ending" prediction has come true.

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Aug 22, 2009 ... The End Of The World 2012, this is Not true,"a demonstration of what is going to .... THE WORLD IN 2017: These Events Will Shock America!

The Myth of Nibiru and the End of the World in 2012 - CSI


The Myth of Nibiru and the End of the World in 2012 .... Will Eris do a flyby since it is considered a planet and the 10th one? Is Eris coming toward us? ... Is this true that there are only really 16 hours a day now because time is moving faster?

The Science of the Real End of The World – Starts With A Bang


Posted by Ethan on December 20, 2012 ... But that is a simple scientific truth, and it is a consequence of the way we came to exist. .... The real end of the world is not yet upon us, but when it does come, it is far more wonderful and terrifying ...

The Truth About 2012 Doomsday Hype - Live Science


Nov 5, 2009 ... The Mayan calendar ends in 2012, but Mayans never predicted the ... will encounter Earth in 2012 and cause havoc, including a reversal of the ...

NASA: THE TRUTH about the END OF THE WORLD on 21 Dec ...


Nov 30, 2012 ... OK – what devs tell their real-life friends ... NASA: THE TRUTH about the END OF THE WORLD on 21 Dec ... Five NASA scientists took time out yesterday to assure the public that the world will not end on 21 December. ... The planetary smash-up just before Christmas 2012 was allegedly predicted by the ...

Predictions that the end of the world will happen after the year 2020


We have listed over 7 dozen predictions that the end of the world would happen before now. They all have one factor in common: none ever came true. There is ...

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2012: The Truth About The End of the World | National Geographic ...


Sep 14, 2011 ... Exclusive games, streaming shows, Weird But True!, and more! ... The Order of Days: The Maya World and the Truth about 2012 (Harmony ... (in glyphs) that ' thirteen bak'tuns will end on a date that corresponds to 12/21/12.

What Will Happen in 2012? The Truth About 2012 Predictions


Find out the truth behind 2012: Planet X, the Mayan Prophecy, planetary alignments, solar storms ... Surely this was real proof that the world will end in 2012!

Will The World End in 2012? | Exploring Lifes Mysteries


Nov 5, 2015 ... Where Does the 2012 End of the World Prediction Come From? .... of these 2012 end of the world prophecies coming true is extremely slim.