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Both William Penn and Sir George Calvert were members of religions that were persecuted in ... Why did George Calvert establish Maryland? ... William Penn was the founder of Pennsylvania, the son of Admiral William Penn for whom the ...

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Sir Admiral William Penn was born in 1621 and started his life-long seafaring career as a ... to settle a dispute regarding the boundary between Pennsylvania and Maryland. ... in 1699/1700, traveled to Pennsylvania in 1732 and 1734, respectively. ... The Penn family papers have a tumultuous history, and were donated or ...

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II to William Penn with a view of ascertaining the origin of its ... single exception of that of Georgia, were of earlier date. All public .... respectively by the London and Plymouth Companies. Each colony .... To quiet this uneasiness Sir George Teardley, the royal governor, .... Charter to Cecil Calvert, Baron of Baltimore, his heir...

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Jan 28, 2014 ... FOR THE TENTH AND THIRD CIRCUITS, RESPECTIVELY. Brief of Amici ... Compact Were An Auspicious ... William Penn and the Quakers .... GEORGE WASHINGTON, LETTER TO THE ANNUAL ..... King Charles II of England to his father, Sir Admiral ... charter for Maryland to Cecil Calvert, Second Lord.

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But Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon were destined to be remembered for their ... between Pennsylvania and Maryland to some vaguely defined point on the ... One of these was George Calvert, the first Lord Baltimore, whose Maryland ... trouble began only after Charles II's grant of Pennsylvania to William Penn in 1681, ...

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This religion, first preached by George Fox in England in the late. 1640's, was, by ... in William Penn's colony of Pennsylvania which at that time included the lower three ... presentation in order to see the history of the Calvert's who were Quaker and .... It is also odd, or, perhaps providential that Sir Robert Cecil, Se...

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Into this princely heritage, George Calvert, the first Lord Baltimore, had looked, after ... In their bark houses, good stores of furs were kept, which the Indians ..... the province arose in 1681, when William Penn, the true evil genius of Maryland, ... province and territories, which, respectively, took the names of Pennsylvania and ...

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cut apart and were glued to the "stubs" of a binder, to which various letters ... waged between Pennsylvania and Maryland from. 1681 to ... eral events in the life of Sir George Calvert, subse- quently the .... Maryland received letters from William Penn declar- ing that ..... square miles and 1,100 square miles respectively....

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In fact, the first conveyances from the Patent were two tracts of land, containing respectively 200 and 20 acres of land, made by Charles Carroll of Bellevue, and occurred in 1823 ... his religion, Sir George Calvert, now Lord Baltimore, with his estate in County ... in council, as later was provided in the grant to William Penn.

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Nov 13, 2008 ... of 'Anne Arundel County became a Quaker, and those who were not Quaker ... tidewater region of southern Maryland.5 Sir George Calvert, the first Lord ... Governor William Stone, in turn, promised to increase the number of ...... 57 The Maryland General Meeting preceded the Pennsylvania ..... respectively.

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The Dutch were some of the first to settle in this area. .... This land belonged to William Penn, an athletic young gentleman who was the son ... Penn was eager to establish a refuge for fellow Quakers in Pennsylvania. ... the Chesapeake colony of Maryland, granted by Charles I to Sir George Calvert, the first Lord Baltimore.

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Men who were weary of strife, discontented with the present aspect of affairs or ... His father was Vice Admiral Sir William Penn; his mother Margaret Jasper, .... The Duke of York secured New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware to himself as his ...... must except the Catholic colony in Maryland, founded by Sir George Calvert,  ...

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expedition that had been organized and financed by Sir Walter Raleigh in 1587. After the .... Second and Third Charters of Virginia, respectively. ... granted William Penn, son of the Admiral, the colony of Pennsylvania. ... Consequently, in 1776 the only proprietary colonies were Maryland, ... But George Calvert died before.