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Achilles tears: Angling for optimal outcomes | Lower Extremity ...


The optimal immobilization angle for Achilles tendon healing may be smaller than previously thought. ... In a previous cadaver-based study, Sekiya et al found that the severed ends of the .... Wills CA, Washburn S, Caiozzo V, Prietto CA.

Cadmium, Environmental Exposure, and Health Outcomes - NCBI


Oct 5, 2009 ... Cadmium, Environmental Exposure, and Health Outcomes .... no distinction is made between toxicity of natural versus anthropogenic cadmium. .... In a prospective study of Flemish women, Schutte et al. ..... 2005; Wills et al. ... have evolved in living organisms to ensure an optimal supply of essential metals.

Bad Is Stronger Than Good - Carlson School of Management


events (e.g., trauma), close relationship outcomes, social network patterns, .... which he found twice as many chapters (121 vs. .... Brickman et al. proposed that this result was ..... by Wills et al. ..... have optimal attachment patterns find it more.

A single institution experience of combined modality management of ...


Jan 11, 2007 ... Venkitaraman et al; licensee BioMed Central Ltd. 2007 ... more than 50 Gy is essential to confer optimal outcome for patients with extraskeletal ewings sarcoma. .... Group 3 – VAC/IE chemotherapy (V – Vincristine, A – Actinomycin D, .... View ArticlePubMed; Stuart-Harris R, Wills EJ, Philips J, Langlands AO, ...

Optimal Skin-to-Stone Distance Is a Positive Predictor for Successful ...


Dec 14, 2015 ... Results In analyses of group 2 patients versus others, there were no statistical ... and the group 2 SSD were positive predictors for successful outcomes in ESWL. ... Wiesenthal et al. analyzed predicting factors of ESWL success for 422 ..... Cleveland RO, Lifshitz DA, Connors BA, Evan AP, Willis LR, Crum LA ...

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but my primary focus has been physical health outcomes. ... ate aid (Cohen, 1988 ; Cohen & Wills, 1985; Uchino et al.,. 1996). ..... support and specific stress: Toward a theory of optimal ... Helgeson, V. S., Cohen, S., Schulz, R., & Yasko, J.

Eye - Postoperative endophthalmitis: optimal management and the ...


Mar 21, 2008 ... Correspondence: Professor JI Maguire, Wills Eye Institute, 840 Walnut ... In 1997, Aaberg et al published their previous 10-year data on the .... sutured approach during the same time period; 0.23% (7 of 3103) vs 0.04% (2 of 4583). ... endophthalmitis leads to early treatment and better visual outcomes.

Frontiers | Autism spectrum disorders and neuropathology of the ...


Golgi cells also synapse on excitatory local circuit neurons (Mugnaini et al., .... the outcome and any potential recovery (Strick et al., 2009; Manto, 2010). ..... on subjects with a diagnosis of regressive vs. early onset autism (Wills et al., 2009). ..... within an optimal range of metabotropic glutamate-receptor-mediated protein  ...

37 Session I – 8:15 – 8:30 am Outcomes: Should we even be ...


Assessing the factors important for optimal outcome for a given patient is ... affect good vs. poor outcome are well known. ... –Marsh et al JBJS 1995 – 43 cases.

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(e.g., Spencer et al., 2006; Weinstein, 2002). When African ... optimal functioning, for African American youth. This portrait of .... behavioral outcomes (Izard et al., 2001) and is an important component of ... (Sale, Sambrano, Springer, & Turner, 2003; Wills, Gibbons,. Gerrard, Murry ..... Sanders-Thompson, V. (2002). Achieving ...

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Stress: Development, Validation, and Reliabilit of the CRISYS - NCBI


systems. Optimal outcome evaluation models include risk adjustment for .... et al. 1978; Funch and Marshall 1984; Hemandez 1994). To ensure that our instrument .... et al. 1984, Cohen and Wills 1985; Lin, Dean, and Ensel 1986) ...... Two Modes of Stress Measurement: Daily Hassles and Uplifts Versus Major Life. Events.

Response Time Realities: The Scientific Evidence - Journal of ...


More importantly, does response time (RT) even matter in patient outcomes? ... our data as the optimal EMS defibrillation response interval for cardiac arrest. ... 2005;12(7):594–600. doi:10.1197/j.aem.2005.02.013; Blackwell TH, Kline JA, Willis JJ, et al. ... doi:10.1080/10903120902935363; De Maio V, Stiell I, Wells G, et al.

Retinal Artery Occlusions - Patient


The optimal treatment window during which something can be done is somewhat ... done in the clinic) and acetazolamide given but, again, the outcome is variable. ... 2014; Graham RH et al; Central Retinal Artery Occlusion, Medscape, Feb 2012 ... The Wills Eye Manual (6th ed), 2012; Jain N; Retinal Artery Occlusion.