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Wind turns the blades of a turbine, which in turn spin a shaft that is connected to a generator. This produces kinetic energy, which the generator uses to produce electricity.


Wind power is the use of air flow through wind turbines to mechanically power generators for electric power. Wind power, as an alternative to burning fossil fuels , ...


Wind power possess huge potential and has been growing fast in recent years. Below are 35 facts on wind energy that can help you learn more about this green  ...


The Wind Energy Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to raising public awareness of wind as a clean energy source through communication, research and ...


Wind Energy Facts. Enjoy a range of interesting wind energy facts which help explain how we use wind power to create electricity and other useful forms of ...


Wind energy is an energy source that comes from the wind. This wind is converted into wind power and used as a source of electricity. The process of wind ...


Wind Energy Facts at a Glance. Learn U.S. wind industry statistics below. More detailed information on U.S. wind industry statistics and market analysis is ...


Aug 7, 2017 ... Get the details on a few of the lesser known wind energy facts.


EWEA's own infographic detailing statistics and targets for wind energy, finance, technology and more within the industry.


From potential energy generated, to the amount of carbon dioxide offset, to health concerns, this Q&A addresses important questions about wind energy.