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The Djungarian hamster (Phodopus sungorus), also known as the Siberian hamster, Siberian dwarf hamster or Russian winter white dwarf hamster, is one of three species .... Care of the Djungarian hams...

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How to Care for Winter White Dwarf Hamsters. The winter white dwarf hamster is one of the popular hamster species to own and care for! These fascinating pets ...

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In this guide to hamster care, we give you the essential info you need to get ... Russian dwarf, Winter White hamsters get their name from their ability to turn white ...

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Sep 15, 2015 ... Winter White Hamster Care. Just Hamsters ... New Russian Winter White Dwarf Hamster - Adoption Only 12 Weeks Old. - Duration: 7:38.

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Mar 4, 2013 ... This is a primer to dwarf hamster care. ... This is especially so for Russian dwarf hamsters (i.e. Campbell's, Winter White and their hybrids) as ...

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You can find more detailed information about Dwarf Hamster Care Here. Winter White Hamsters should be provided with a large ...

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Small, cuddly and undeniably cute, winter white hamsters (Phodopus sungorus) make precious pets. Hailing from the grasslands of Siberia, they are sometimes ...

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Often referred to as the Siberian Hamster, the Winter White was introduced in the early 1970's. ... Around 1988, a mutation appeared in the Winter Whites— a pure white top coat with black guard hairs, grey ears and black eyes. ... Health Care.

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Home · Dwarf Hamsters Fact sheet: Winter White ... In the wild Winter Whites live in family groups/colony's, and indeed in captivity this species can cohabit with ...

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Item 36 - 5081325 ... Female Winter White Hamster | With fur that turns white during the ... PetSmart makes a significant investment in the care of our pets and it is ...

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The Roborovski, Campbell's and Winter White are known as Russian dwarf hamsters. The Syrian hamster is the largest species and sometimes referred to as a ...

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Feb 14, 2014 ... What Are Dwarf Winter White Hamsters? A winter ... To learn how to care for a Russian dwarf hamster properly see our Care Section Here.

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Find out more about dwarf hamsters and how to take care of them. ... Russian dwarf hamsters can refer to the Winter White or Campbell's dwarf hamster. The two ...