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Electrical discharge machining


Electrical discharge machining (EDM), sometimes colloquially also referred to as spark ... 1 History. 1.1 Die-sink EDM; 1.2 Wire-cut EDM. 2 Generalities; 3 Definition of ... A wire-cut EDM machine u...

History of EDM Machining | EDM Process - American Wire EDM


EDM wire machining dates back to the 18th century. To learn more about the history of wire EDM machining, as well as our history, visit this page today.

History | Start of EDM | Timeline | Sodick | Electrical Discharge ...


January 1981, Sales began for the 330W NC Wire EDM system with simultaneous 5-Axis control. October 1981, Shipments of the FINE Sodick Series NC EDM ...

The history of wire EDM


Introduction. Up to a short time ago the complete contents of this publication only existed in my memory. With this I do not want to pretend that other people do ...

Company History : XACT Wire EDM Corporation


XACT Wire EDM, founded in 1984, has grown into an ISO 9001:2000 certified global supplier of wire Electrical Discharge Machining services for all industries.

History of EDM


Tuesday June 30, 2009 - In 1770, English phsicist Joseph Priestley noted in his research the erosive effect of electrical discharges on various metals. Based off ...

What Is EDM? - How Does Electrical Discharge ... - XACT Wire EDM


What is EDM? A Brief History. Electric Discharge Machining. The acronym EDM is derived from Electrical Discharge Machining. The EDM process we know ...

History - Mitsubishi Electric EDM


Milestones in the history of Mitsubishi Electric EDM systems. ... Presentation of NC /EDM systems DAC, wire-cut machine DWC and EDM systems DKP for ...

History - Mikron Milling | Agiecharmilles Wire EDM |AgieCharmilles ...


For a century and a half, GF Machining Solutions has been an innovator and a source of strength to customers. Our history of technology leadership includes ...

5 axis precision Wire EDM and CNC Machining


5 Axis Machining, Wire EDM Machining, 5 Axis, 5 axis Wire EDM, 5-Axis Precision ... Wire EDM History: Introduced in the late '60's, wire-cut EDM was a unique, ...

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The History of EDM Machining


The history of EDM Machining techniques goes as far back as the 1770s when it ... Commercially developed in the mid 1970s, wire EDM began to be a viable ...



CNC Wire EDM can satisfy and meet all these needs. The precision ... HISTORY. The beginning of EDM came during the Second World War, when two Russian.

I. 4. History of EDM | EDM Tips


EDM came to be known generally since the study by Mr. & Mrs. Lazarenko of the ... EDM" for "bottoming machining" by using shaped electrodes and "Wire EDM" ...