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The Interplay Between Obesity, Biomechanics and Fitness Within ...


Bhupinder Singh ... Manohar Singh Batra for inspiring and guiding me, my many wonderful friends and ..... B. HIP MOMENT VS FITNESS CORRECTED FOR SPEED . .... 4-6: Showing the variable added into the step wise regression model for ..... DeVita et al. reported less hip and knee flexion, and more ankle plantar flexion ...

Caregiver Burden and Quality of Life of Key Caregivers of Patients ...


Gender-wise significant difference was found on burden area of expectation (P < 0.05). .... Tiwari SC, Tripathi RK, Kumar A, Kar AM, Singh R, Kohli VK, et al.

A Comment In Passing | Anurag Singh; A Journal-Keeper's Diary


May 22, 2016 ... For this reason Crescent Moon (Al-Qamar) is the ..... Do not think yourself more wise than associates of Guru Gobind Singh ji– .... Nagoke, (iii) Giani Bhupinder Singh, (iv) Raagi Darshan Singh, (v) Prof. Manjit Singh et al.

Global cooling imminent - Ice Age Now


Jun 28, 2014 ... This coming comparative test of the TSI model vs. the CO2 model in the .... The recent high-resolution Atlantic sediment record of Adkins et al ...

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Bhupinder Singh Chadha1. Received: 23 April ... recent past (Saraswat and Bisaria 1997; Sonia et al. 2005; ... between 0.5 and 3.5 % w/v, inoculum age between 0 and. 72 h and .... wise manner using voltage hour program that increased.

understanding spatial variability of cropping system - ISPRS Archives


conditions (Wassenaar et al., 1999, Tubiello et al., 2000, Donatelli et al. .... Grid wise weather file in the. CropSyst .... Panigrahy, S., Singh, Bhupinder Singh, K.B., 2010. ... Mall, R.K., Lal, M., Bhatia, V.S., Rathore, L.S., Singh, Ranjeet,. 2004.

Vitamin D Therapy and Cardiac Structure and ... - Research Center


Feb 15, 2012 ... Bhupinder Singh, MD ... cm/s [95% CI, −0.63 to 0.60 cm/s] vs placebo group, − 0.30 cm/s [95% CI, −0.93 to ... altered vitamin D metabolism and el- ..... wise specified. P values ...... Drechsler C, Pilz S, Obermayer-Pietsch B, et al.

Relationship between physical and internal quality attributes of ...


Karun Sharma, Manjeet Singh, Bhupinder Singh, Ankit Sharma and P K Mishra JAE : 49 (4). 1 ... and storage of food grains. Spatial variability in soil had been st udied by Samra. et al. ...... in yield was observed during strip wise/discrete type of.

Contraceptive Use in Women From a Resettlement Area ... - medIND


economic categories was done using Gupta et al classification4. Results. A total of 206 .... General Secretary : Dr. Bhupinder Singh, GMC, Jammu. Executive ...

Heart Failure and Cardiomyopathies - American College of Cardiology


Mar 14, 2016 ... Versus Other Stage A Heart Failure: An Observational Substudy of the TasELF ... (WISE) Study .... Chang Kim, Sadeer Al-Kindi, Guilherme Oliveira, University ... Mikhail Kosiborod, Bhupinder Singh, Jose Menoyo, Henrik ...

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Motor Deficits and Altered Striatal Gene Expression in aphakia(ak ...


Sep 16, 2007 ... Deletion of Pitx3 using recombinant technology (L'Honoré et al., 2007) ... Heterozygous ak mice are normal (Nunes et al., 2003). ..... (Δ) of an unknown sample versus a control (ΔCP control – sample). ..... [PubMed]; Pfaffl MW, Horgan GW, Dempfle L. Relative expression software tool (REST) for group-wise ...

An Operational Definition for Spatial Disorientation - MIT


The article by Drs. P. D. Navathe and B. Singh, “An operational definition for spatial disorientation,” has aroused .... Kuipers (4) et al. have included loss of SA  ...

strip-till and no-till soybean growth and distribution of roots ... - Ideals


BHUPINDER SINGH FARMAHA. DISSERTATION. Submitted .... v. A special word of thanks to my colleagues - Bill, Kristin, and Cheri. They always .... render these nutrients less availability to the crop (Singh et al., 1966; Belcher and ..... range honestly significant difference (HSD) test to control experiment-wise error and the .