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State vs Bhupinder Singh Bisht & Ors. on 15 May, 2015


May 15, 2015 ... Petitioner Through : Mr.Atul Kumar Shrivastava, SPP. Insp.Vijay and Insp.Jitender , Crime Branch. Versus BHUPINDER SINGH BISHT & ORS.

Caregiver Burden and Quality of Life of Key Caregivers of Patients ...


Gender-wise significant difference was found on burden area of expectation (P < 0.05). .... Tiwari SC, Tripathi RK, Kumar A, Kar AM, Singh R, Kohli VK, et al.

Gender bias in cardiovascular healthcare of a tertiary care centre of ...


Apr 12, 2016 ... The other reasons cited by Ramakrishnan et al include concerns about a ... On analysing the year-wise patient numbers and gender ratios, there was a year- wise .... Kiran VS, Nath PP, Maheshwari S. Spectrum of paediatric cardiac ... Singh A. Gender Based Within-Household Inequality in Childhood ...

strip-till and no-till soybean growth and distribution of roots ... - Ideals


BHUPINDER SINGH FARMAHA. DISSERTATION. Submitted .... v. A special word of thanks to my colleagues - Bill, Kristin, and Cheri. They always .... render these nutrients less availability to the crop (Singh et al., 1966; Belcher and ..... range honestly significant difference (HSD) test to control experiment-wise error and the .

A Comment In Passing | Anurag Singh; A Journal-Keeper's Diary


May 22, 2016 ... For this reason Crescent Moon (Al-Qamar) is the ..... Do not think yourself more wise than associates of Guru Gobind Singh ji– .... Nagoke, (iii) Giani Bhupinder Singh, (iv) Raagi Darshan Singh, (v) Prof. Manjit Singh et al.

Former Delhi Police officer jailed for amassing wealth | delhi ...


Oct 7, 2016 ... Special CBI Judge Anju Bajaj Chandna handed down the punishment to Bhupinder Singh Bola and also imposed a fine of R 5 lakh on the ...

CESCRA Research Papers - Indian Agricultural Research Institute


Jun 18, 2016 ... Accomplishments - School wise ... Bhupinder Singh, Sumedha Ahuja, Renu Pandey and RK Singhal (2014) 14CO2 labeling: a reliable .... (NR-7)R Tomer, A Bhatia, V Kumar, A Kumar, R Singh, B Singh, SD Singh (2014), Impact of ..... Sharma SK, Saxena M, Mandal TK, Ahammed YN, Pathak H, et al.

Frontiers | SSH Analysis of Endosperm Transcripts and ...


Aug 17, 2016 ... Suppression subtractive hybridization (SSH; Diatchenko et al., 1996) is an .... were observed by the CELLO v.2.5: Subcellular Localization Prediction of ... of the cloned ESTs under diverse stress conditions, tissue-wise, and others. ...... Bhupinder Singh, Himanshu Pathak, Viswanathan Chinnusamy, Anil Rai ...

Frontiers | Group 3 LEA Protein, ZmLEA3, Is Involved in Protection ...


Jul 14, 2016 ... ... glycol (PEG) 6000 (w/v), 20 μM H2O2, and low temperature (4°C). ..... Yu et al. ( 2005) reported that overexpression of the group 3 LEA proteins TaLEA2 .... Tunnacliffe, A., and Wise, M. J. (2007). .... C. Mishra, Bhupinder Singh, Himanshu Pathak, Viswanathan Chinnusamy, Anil Rai and Shelly Praveen ...

Responses of Collembola and Protura to tree girdling - Senckenberg


et al. 2005) had a 40-year-old stand of Norway spruce with a field layer of V. vitis- idaea, ... The ANOVA was followed up by pre-planned, pair-wise comparisons between the .... known to happen after tree-girdling (Bhupinderpal-Singh et al.

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Amarjit Kaur vs Bhupinder Singh on 11 December, 2006


Dec 11, 2006 ... Amarjit Kaur vs Bhupinder Singh on 11 December, 2006. Equivalent citations: ( 2007) 146 PLR 534. Author: V K Sharma. Bench: V K Sharma.

Hyperspectral Indices, Correlation and Regression Models for ...


Feb 8, 2015 ... Ramanjit KaurEmail author; Bhupinder Singh; Manjeet Singh; S. K. Thind ... Cite this article as: Kaur, R., Singh, B., Singh, M. et al. .... were developed using step- wise regression techniques by Un-scrambler Software (V.10).

The Interplay Between Obesity, Biomechanics and Fitness Within ...


Bhupinder Singh ... Manohar Singh Batra for inspiring and guiding me, my many wonderful friends and ..... B. HIP MOMENT VS FITNESS CORRECTED FOR SPEED . .... 4-6: Showing the variable added into the step wise regression model for ..... DeVita et al. reported less hip and knee flexion, and more ankle plantar flexion ...