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Make a wish and cast these spells correctly and your wish will come true. The more outrageous the ... to cast it correctly. When miss-cast these spells usually fail by making the wish never come true. .... Vampire Spell Chant • Were-cat Potion ...

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=>Overnight Wish Spe. Chant 2 times. Gods and goddesses hear me plea. I want one wish please make my. One wish come true (put wish here ) So mote it be!

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Step three: Before you go to sleep chant: I desire for my wish to come true, I have dremt for so long, Once my eyes are shut and I am sound asleep, My wish itself ...

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Aug 30, 2006 ... The Wish Bird (a spell to make a wish come true) is a magic spell that combines art and magic - one of the oldest forms of spell and reality ...

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And A "Wish Come True"! ... Magick thorn (I also show you how to find it) to help make 1 of your deepest wishes come true. ... Grant this boon as I chant the rune;.

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Jul 23, 2013 ... Once you chant the spell, visualize your wish coming true. Reply ... in morristown Tennessee. … so plz help me and make my wish come true.

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Feb 10, 2013 ... Spell to make your wishes come true .... My wish will never come true no matter how hard I try ... can this be repeated for the same wish.

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(Please do not put yourself in danger to make a wish. A wish is ... On the paper, write a short poem or chant to the Goddess and God that states your wish. ... If the paper burns entirely, expect wishes to come true immediately.

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to carry my wish to the western quarter and by the power s of undines, I ask that you bring me ... "Make your Wish" Oil ... Toss the pennies in Her direction, then chant;. "Please ... Or place the bag in your pillow until your wish comes true. Carry 7 ...

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Wishing Spell, Magick Sacred Wicca. ... If you wish to make the spell more effective, the time of day, moon cycle , day of ... if the day is right) and scattered while chanting the words of your wish with feeling. Then wait for your wish to come true.

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A spell to make wishes come true; Even if the wish seems out of reach or impossible, this spell is the one to use. It has worked for me many a time. I must add it ...

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Real Wishes Granted - Make A Real Wish Come True.

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SPELLS TO MAKE YOUR WISHES COME TRUE ... You will also be able to find such things as a chant for good luck and well being, a magic destructive knot ...