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Check endorsement without recourse keeps a bank from withdrawing the amount of the check, as well as any fees, from a depositor's account even if the deposited check bounces for in...

Without Recourse
This phrase has several meanings. In a general sense, when the buyer of a promissory note or other negotiable instrument assumes the risk of default. Without recourse can also refer to a financing arrangement where the dealer's maximum possible... More »

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Without Recourse. A phrase used by an endorser (a signer other than the original maker) of a negotiable instrument (for example, a check or promissory note) to ...

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A phrase meaning that one party has no legal claim against another party. It is often used in two contexts:1. In litigation, someone without recourse against ...

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Definition of without recourse: Without subsequent liability. As a legal term it signifies that a buyer (and not the seller) of an asset, or the holder (and not the ...

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Without recourse can also refer to a financing arrangement where the dealer's maximum possible liability is limited to warranties pertaining to the quality of an ...

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Definition of “without recourse” | The official Collins English Dictionary online. Comprehensive and authoritative, rely on Collins for up-to-date English with ...

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Example: Abel insisted that the mortgage to the seller be without recourse. In the event that the value of the property declines, Abel may lose the property but he ...

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When it comes to sales, "with recourse" is a legal term that means with subsequent liability, and "without recourse" means without subsequent liability. The sales ...

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Comment: I have recently heard that if you endorse a check and include the phrase 'without recourse' that you are not held liable if the check is

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Q: What is Without Recourse?
A: In general: phrase meaning that credit risk, or risk of nonpayment, is assumed by the buyer, rather than the seller, of a promissory note or the holder of a neg... Read More »
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