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Also, what advice can you give others wives who want to persuade their husband to let her have their husbands castrated the way you did with ...


Lorena Bobbitt Castrated Her Husband After Years Of Abuse. Lorena Bobbitt is ... Han Mou of Anhui, China was castrated TWICE by his wife, Zhang. The first ...


Jul 29, 2016 ... She caressed her round belly and added: “We are expecting our ... I said to his wife: “It seems that you have sweetly castrated your husband!”.

Jul 13, 2011 ... Bernard Chapin here with Volume of Chapin's INFERNO 723 Wife De-Members Husband If you need to get ahold of me I'm at ...


Jan 25, 2009 ... By Kipruto Lang'at A newly wedded woman castrated her husband — and ... Like any young wife, Chepchumba, who dropped out of school to ...


AVEN Members; 25 posts; A/Sexuality:eunuch and wife ... saw articles about eunuch couples, where the husband is castrated to lower his libido. ... Are there other eunuch couples here or even other couples considering it?


Oct 8, 2010 ... One of Kass's friends says his wife made him give up his man chair because of the cats ... soda that they can spill all over their man chairs despite their wives' protestations. ... Just writing the piece at all is sort of self-castrating.


Oct 14, 2013 ... Last week we found out that Amina and her husband decided to go for an ... happens to my wife and children, what will happen to me then, eh?


Aug 1, 2015 ... “You have three choices: surgical castration, chemical castration, or do nothing and let the spreading prostate cancer take its course.”.