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One fact about the maned wolf is that it's not a wolf at all. However, it is a member of the canine family. The maned wolf looks like a fox with very long legs that allow it to sta...

Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora Family: Canidae Genus: Canis
Wolves are carnivorous mammals in the genus Canis, which also includes coyotes, jackals, and domesticated dogs. There are 3 living species referred to as wolves, the most common being Canis lupus, the gray wolf.
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Become a Member Today and Support Education About Wolves! Average lengthfemales: 4.5 to 6 feet (tip of nose to tip of tail) males: 5 to 6.5.

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Learn about the size, diet, population, range, behavior and other fascinating facts about gray wolves.

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Wolf Information, Anatomy, Feeding, Reproduction, Habitat and Wolf Conservation. Facts about Wolves, Gray Wolf, Arctic Wolf, Red Wolf.

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Amazing facts about the grey wolf and grey wolves such as behaviour, intelligence, physical, diet, life span, size, weight, habitat, range and latin name.

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Wolves are excellent hunters and have been found to be living in more places in the world than any other mammal except humans. The wolf is the ancestor of all ...

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Jun 9, 2014 ... Wolves are social animals and usually live in packs consisting of eight to 12. Here, the "Gibbons" wolf pack, named after its territory in the ...

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The wolf is the largest member of the Canidae family and is a social animal which hunts and lives in a pack of between 2 and 30 wolves. They are the ultimate ...

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Q: What are some wolf facts?
A: -Wolves travel in packs.they are mammals.they are endangered.they are carnivores.most wolves live in Canada and Russia.they live up to about 6-8 years. Read More »
Q: What is a random wolf fact?
A: The wolf has extremely powerful jaws capable of generating 1,500 psi pressure! Thanks for Read More »
Q: What is another wolf fact.
A: The average litter size is 4 to 6 cubs. The cubs weigh approximately one pound at birth and Read More »
Q: What are some cool wolf facts?
A: Diet Staples: Ungulates (large hoofed mammals) like elk, deer, moose and caribou. Wolves are also known to eat beaver, rabbits and other small prey. Wolves are ... Read More »
Q: Interesting wolf facts?
A: Loss of habitat and persecution by Humans are leading factors in the Wolves "Endangered Species Status" This protection had been removed in Montana and Idaho in... Read More »