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Simplified Method to Isolate Highly Pure Canine Pancreatic Islets


Purity was considerably improved with M2 (96.7% ± 1.2% vs 75.0% ± 6.3%; P = 0.006). M2 improved GSIS (P ..... 9. van Suylichem PT, van Deijnen JE, Wolters GH, et al. Amount and ... Lakey JR, Cavanagh TJ, Zieger MA, et al. Evaluation of a ...

Comparison of Neutral Proteases and Collagenase Class I as E ...


Also, when the effect of NP/CP on intact (CI-115s vs. CI-115n) or .... Lakey JR, Warnock GL, Rajotte RV, et al. Variables in ... Wolters GH, Vos-Scheperkeuter GH, Lin HC, et al. Different ... Brandhorst H, Raemsch-Guenther N, Raemsch C, et al.

Pharmacol Rev.2006 - UNMC


V. Nucleic acid-based therapeutics for improving the success of islet ..... tacts ( Wolters et al., 1992). ... lation of pancreatic islets (Lakey et al., 1998b; Bucher et al.

Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt (formerly v. Cole) - National ...


Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt (formerly v. Cole). Federal court challenge to a Texas law, known as HB 2, that requires all clinics providing abortions, ...

36 - Office of the Solicitor


Allison v. State of Montana. Antonelli, Daley et al. v-. Archambault, Duncan v. (on re- view) ..... Baca Float No. 3..... Bailey v. George . Baranoff Island . Barnes, Frederick H .. Bartholf et al. ..... Lakey, 17 L. D., 60 . ..... Wolters, Charles, 8 L D., 131.

Texas Court of Appeals, Twelfth District Decisions 1999 - Justia Law


Vernon A. Wolter, Joyce E. Wolter, and John Worldpeace v. ... Lakey, Jackey Wayne v. ... Sulewski, Kenneth, et al--Appeal from 349th District Court of County

Biological and Biomaterial Approaches for Improved Islet ...


B. Surface Modification of Islets; V. Nucleic Acid-Based Therapeutics for Improving .... This success rate matches that of pancreas transplantation ( Sutherland et al., ... of islets for widespread clinical use (Table 1) (Robertson, 2001; Lakey et al., 2003; .... disrupts islet-to-exocrine tissue adhesive contacts ( Wolters et al., 1992)...

Degradation of HK2 by chaperone-mediated autophagy promotes ...


Mar 10, 2015 ... HK2 degradation by CmA leads to cancer cell death • Xia et al. .... levels as well as increased Annexin V positivity and propidium ...... H. Griffin, S. Sanderson, J.H. Lakey, et al. ... Washburn, M.P., D. Wolters, and J.R. Yates III.

Harmful Delayed Effects of Exogenous Isolation Enzymes on ...


Sep 16, 2005 ... Unconjugated Liberase and collagenase (Sigma type-V) were used intraductally in control animals. ..... Wolters GH, Vos-Scheperkeuter GH, Van Deijnen JH, Van Schilfgaarde R. An ... Street CN, Lakey JR, Shapiro AM et al.

Revascularization of Transplanted Pancreatic Islets and Role of the ...


Aug 9, 2013 ... This phenomenon was elegantly demonstrated by Vasir et al., who stained ..... View at Google Scholar; A. A. Chentoufi, V. Geenen, N. Giannokakis, and A. ... Street, J. R. T. Lakey, A. M. J. Shapiro et al., “Islet graft assessment in the ..... P. T. R. Van Suylichem, J. H. Strubbe, H. Houwing, G. H. J. Wolters, and ....

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A Practical Guide to Rodent Islet Isolation and Assessment - NCBI


Dec 3, 2009 ... Wolters et al. have described, in detail, the differences in isolation with .... RPMI1640 is supplemented with 10% (v/v) fetal bovine serum to ...... [PubMed]; Street CN, Lakey JR, Shapiro AM, Imes S, Rajotte RV, Ryan EA. et al.

Pancreas and islet transplantation in diabetes mellitus - UpToDate


Mar 7, 2016 ... Sutherland DE, Gruessner RW, Dunn DL, et al. Lessons learned from .... Pancreas vs. islet transplantation: a call on the future. Curr Opin Organ ...

Enzymes for Pancreatic Islet Isolation Impact Chemokine-Production ...


Jan 29, 2016 ... Jonathan R. T. Lakey, ... Citation: de Vos P, Smink AM, Paredes G, Lakey JRT, Kuipers J, Giepmans BNG, et al. (2016) Enzymes .... (KRH) buffered with 25 mM Hepes containing 10% (weight/volume, w/v) BSA without collagenases. ..... Fritschy WM, De Vos P, Groen H, Klatter FA, Pasma A, Wolters GH, et al.