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Aug 7, 2014 ... So are women physiologically less tolerant of the cold than men? ... to “express thermal dissatisfaction,” and that women are more sensitive to ...


Jan 6, 2017 ... So because birth control affects female hormones, it can also raise your body temperature even further, making you more sensitive to the cold.


Jan 15, 2017 ... So because birth control affects female hormones, it can also raise your body temperatureeven further, making you more sensitive to the cold.


Feb 23, 2010 ... Although women are up to nine times more likely to suffer cold hands and feet than ... When tired we're more sensitive to temperature changes.


Jun 17, 2016 ... It's not your imagination. Science has proven that yes, females are more sensitive to the cold. Ever woken up in the morning to find your other ...


Gend Med. 2007 Dec;4(4):359-66. Differences in sensitivity to cold in Japanese men and postmenopausal women aged > or =50 years. Yasui T(1), Uemura H, ...


Aug 23, 2015 ... Why do women feel the cold more often than men? Take a look at ... With less water, your body is more sensitive to extreme temperatures. 6.


Sep 15, 2015 ... Women complain of feeling cold at much higher rates than men. ... sensitive than males to a deviation from an optimal temperature and express ...


Results 1 - 200 of 469 ... Body aches or pains, Chills, Fatigue, Increased sensitivity to cold .... (female), Fatigue, Inability to care for self, Increased sensitivity to cold ...