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Science has proven that females' bodies are more sensitive to the cold. ... Women's hands and feet are also colder than men's when the air temperature is cold.

Are Women More Sensitive to Cold Than Men? - Yahoo


Aug 7, 2014 ... So are women physiologically less tolerant of the cold than men? Are females' hands and feet preternaturally colder than the rest of the bodies ...

Differences in sensitivity to cold in Japanese men and ...


Differences in sensitivity to cold in Japanese men and postmenopausal women aged > or =50 years. Yasui T(1), Uemura H, Irahara M, Arai M, Kojimahara N, ...

Do Men and Women Feel Temperature Differently? | Mental Floss


Aug 9, 2013 ... ... women are from Venus and always complain of being cold. ... are also more sensitive to incremental changes in the air temperature, so that ...

Why Do Women Feel Colder Than Men? - CBS News


Feb 8, 2011 ... There's Biological Explanation Behind It and Why Women Constantly Need to Turn Up the Thermostat.

Why Do Women Often Feel Colder Than Men? | Alternet


Nov 10, 2008 ... Our heightened sensitivity to cold makes a chilly draught invariably feel more ... And women really do feel the cold more than men, but this is ...

Why Some People Handle Cold Better Than Others | NBC Chicago


Feb 10, 2011 ... "Some people deal better with the cold," says The University of ... But she said anyone who has recently developed a sensitivity to cold, may be ... Oddly, married women seem to handle cold better than unmarried women.

The Straight Dope: Why are women always cold?


Jun 7, 2002 ... I need to know why the women in my office always seem cold while the ... I have to tell you that clinicians regard temperature sensitivity in men ...

Women, Men and the Office Thermostat - The New York Times


Aug 10, 2015 ... In seeking to explain why women may be more sensitive to cold than men, you missed an important medical reason for discomfort due to cold, ...

How to address sensitivity to cold and low body temperature - Kanebo


Women in particular seem to be affected by those symptoms. It is interesting to note that Japanese Kampo medicine views this “sensitivity to cold” as a possible  ...

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Q: Are women really more sensitive to cold tempertures than men?
A: women are more sensitive in many ways than men. their senses such as hearing and smelling are better than men. Read More »
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Q: Why are women so sensitive to temperature, usually saying they ar...
A: According to many researchers, women feel the cold more than males, but their bodies are better at conserving heat when the weather turns colder. They are able ... Read More »
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Q: Why Are My Teeth Sensitive to Cold?
A: Often teeth are sensitive because of a cavity, but the American Dental Association notes that cracked teeth, exposed roots and enamel loss may also cause the pa... Read More »
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Q: Why are women so sensitive?
A: Women have very fragile feelings because of their hormones. Men do not understand how one little action or word can hurt a women. Hope this answer helped! :Cour... Read More »
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Q: What is the mechanism behind sensitive skin during cold?
A: Using Cetaphil usually helps, but have the similar situation, specially when there is food cooking in cold weather. Written 3 Nov 2014. Read More »
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