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It looks the exact same as File Manager > Code... ... case open (CPANEL-12424) to note the lack of the word wrap functionality in Ace Editor.


May 30, 2017 ... File manager has the handy code editor to make immediate server changes. ... Let's go to cPanel File manager and see how this editor works. ... Line numbering , Code editor will place all code in lines for an easier time in ...


Feb 28, 2010 ... When working with a Visual Studio code editor and using a low-resolution ... by enabling the code editor's word wrap and visual glyphs settings.


You can use the Code Editor built into cPanel or an offline editor to format your code. ... Toggle the word-wrapping mode by clicking the toolbar icon as shown:.


Apr 23, 2011 ... In Visual Studio Code editor you can set the Word wrap option which will automatically adjust long line of code in multiple lines based on the ...