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All languages » English language » Terms by etymology » Words by prefix » Words prefixed with pre-. English words beginning with the prefix pre-.

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Words with Prefixes dis im in mis pre disagree impatient inactive misbehave prearrange disappear imperfect incomplete mislay precook disarm impolite.

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Power Prefix #6: pre-. September 28, 2012 By Vocabulary.com (NY) Vocabulary. com Moderator. Learn these words beginning with the power prefix "pre-" ...

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Pre- Words and Definitions ... Match each pre- word with its definition. Check ... prefix. predict. preschool. prepare. prevent. prehistoric. preview. previous. OK.

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Pre-before Prefixes are key morphemes in English vocabulary that begin words. The prefix pre-, which means “before,” appears in numerous English vocabulary  ...

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Looking for words starting with 'pre'? Here's a list of words you may be looking for .

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Pre- means before, in advance. These are vocabulary words with that root. ... prefix. a syllable or word that comes before a root word to change its meaning.

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Pre- definition, a prefix occurring originally in loanwords from Latin, where it ... word-forming element meaning "before," from Old French pre- and Medieval Latin ...

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Prefix definition, Grammar. an affix placed before a word, base, or another ... to set up in front; see pre-, fix; (noun) < New Latin praefixum, neuter of praefixus.

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Fun language arts practice! Improve your skills with free problems in 'Words with pre-' and thousands of other practice lessons.

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List words starting with pre. ... List all words starting with pre. 1718 words found. preach · preached · preacher · preachers · preaches · preachier · preachiest

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The ROOT-WORD is the Prefix PRE which means BEFORE. The use of this one is very simple. I PREdict a fine vocabulary, but it's really up to YOU. 1. Preamble ...

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Learn about the words that can be created from the prefixes pre-, re- and sub-.