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Working Papers - New York State Department of Labor


A Farm Work Permit - Special is required for a minor age 12 or 13 who harvests berries, .... Minors can obtain age certificates from school authorities, which the ...

Application for a Child Performer Permit - New York State ...


Use this application to obtain or renew a Child Performer Permit. • Submit the School Form ... permit to work as a child performer. 14. ... Health Form (LS 562): This form proves the minor is physically fit for employment and is required with every.

Work Permits/Age Certificates | United States Department of Labor


The federal government does not require work permits or proof-of-age certificates for a minor to be employed. Many states, however, do require them for workers ...

application for minor work permit - Jackson Center


APPLICATION FOR MINOR WORK PERMIT. 3331 02 ORC. 4109 02 ORC. STUDENT / APPLICANT INFORMATION. Name of Student / Applicant in full: Sex: .

Work Permits | http://youngworkers.org


Minors irregularly employed in ... not need to obtain a work permit.

Child Labor Law - Pennsylvania Department of Education - PA.gov

www.education.pa.gov/Pages/Codes and Regulations/Child-Labor-Law.aspx

The CLL requires minors to obtain work permits prior to beginning work. This law, with the exception of farm work or domestic service in a private home, covers ...

Work Permit - Center for Career Services


Official Work Permit and Child Labor Application ... I, the parent, guardian or legal custodian of the above-named minor, request the issuance of an employment ...

Application for Entertainment Work Permit for Minor


The Division of Labor Standards Enforcement has updated the Application for Entertainment Work Permit form. In addition to minor areas of clarification, the ...

How to Get a Work Permit In Arkansas - Jobs For Teens HQ


Applying For a Work Permit in Arkansas. To begin the process of obtaining an approved employment certificate, the minor should obtain the “Application for ...

Student Services / Child Labor & Work Permits


Minors, who possess a vacation certificate and desire to work for another employer, may obtain a new work permit from the issuing officer in their school district.