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This is a fun trivia quiz with some surprising answers.


Easiest Quiz Ever!! If You Don't Get 8/8 I'll Be Surprised!! Quizz "General knowledge" - 8 questions total = 19315 player(s) ...


Jan 9, 2015 ... This is the world's easiest quiz. ... The easiest quiz ever. star gold star grey Female Male. 10 Questions - Developed by: Seemal zahra ...

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This quiz will test you on how well you know The World's Easiest Quiz!


This very simple quiz ask questions like: What is the color of the Napoleon's white horse? Fun Fou, puzzles, tricks.


Jan 27, 2012 ... Play The Worlds Easyest Game and stump yourself! Play this free online puzzle game on AddictingGames!


Silly but fun quiz for kids. See if you can find the not-so obvious answers by ignoring the questions.


You've seen them. The ultimate quiz in this or that. The hardest quiz on earth. The quiz that sucks your very lifeblood out through your nose while you scream in ...


The Easiest Quiz You'll Ever Take. Can you handle how easy this is? Posted on March 26, 2015, at 9:55 a.m.. Joanna Borns. BuzzFeed Staff. Share On ...