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Total for all animal species: 1,371,253. Over 95% of the described animal species in the world are invertebrates.

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WWF is committed to saving endangered species. Learn more ...

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or click a letter from A to Z to list animal names starting with that letter, or click ALL to list all ... on its Common Name. Click Genus Species to change the search and sort column. ..... Old world fruit bat (unidentified) · unavailable · Olive baboon ...

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Aug 23, 2011 ... The world contains about 8.7 million species, according to the latest ... how many distinct species of plants and animals we share our world with ...

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Below is a list of species that are profiled to greater or lesser degrees on this web .... 2016 WWF – World Wide Fund For Nature (also known as World Wildlife ...

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Welcome to the Catalogue of Life website. The gateway to our online database of the world's known species of animals, plants, fungi and micro-organisms.

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Jan 4, 2010 ... The tiger has topped the World Wide Fund for Nature's list of species most at ... These animals use floating ice for resting, birthing and nursing ...

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The total number of known species in the world for each major category of animals, plants and algae.

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Scientists who study animal life are called zoologosts. They have recorded 20,000 species of fish, 6,000 species of reptiles, 9,000 birds, 1,000 amphibians, and ...

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The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species(tm) ... Around the world, wildlife is being depleted by illegal activities at an alarming rate, depriving local populations ...

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World Wildlife Fund is committed to endangered species protection. See how we are ensuring that the world our children inherit will be home to the same ...

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Go. Home · World ... Believe it or not, there are about 950,000 species of insects. No one knows for sure how many species of animals exist on Earth. In fact ...

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It's a big complex world and we discover new species to science all the time. ... The rapid loss of species we are seeing today is estimated by experts to be between .... 2016 WWF – World Wide Fund For Nature (also known as World Wildlife ...