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This is a list of aircraft carriers of the Second World War. Aircraft carriers serve as a seagoing .... Bon Homme Richard · United States Navy · Essex · aircraft carrier, 30,800, 26 November 1944, decommissioned 2 July 1971, scrapped 1992.


World War II escort aircraft carriers of the United States (85 P) ... Lexington (CV- 2) · USS Lexington (CV-16) · Lexington-class aircraft carrier · USS Leyte (CV-32)  ...


Listing of aircraft and escort carrier warships used in World War 2.


Many kinds of ships, such as battleships, submarines, and aircraft carriers, had been used in previous wars, but the global nature of World War II made naval ...


Listing of all aircraft carriers used by the United States during World War 2.


Oct 26, 2014 ... Aircraft carriers' main batteries were modular before modular was cool. And yet ... Laid down during World War II, the flattop entered service just after the war. .... 2. IJN Akagi (as leaderof the Kido Butai) 1. USS Enterprise CV-6.


Each carrier at the time would have over thousand sailors and upwards of 30 aircraft. The US Navy fielded an incredible 36 carriers during WWII, the Royal Navy ...


Kids learn about aircraft carriers in WW2 including how planes took off and landed, how big they were, the type of aircraft on the carriers, and why they were so ...


Why were aircraft carriers not used during and following D-Day? .... My father was assigned to a destroyer during WWII, and he was always in ...


Dec 28, 2016 ... The U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Lexington (CV-2), burning and ... fitting that the first U.S. Navy carrier was the first to be sunk in World War II.