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Apr 26, 2016 ... Although women make up just over 50 percent of the American ... 'I think it would be really good to see what it's like to have a girl president.


Feb 17, 2016 ... Lincoln wasn't great because he was male any more than Kennedy was great ... Although a woman elected as president would represent a ...


But if a woman were a president, it would all change for the better and for the good. But mostly for all. Woman make better presidents, and that's the truth.


Nov 12, 2016 ... Women make up roughly 20 percent of the U.S. House of Representatives .... The would-be first female president of the United States lost to a ... a lack of good jobs may be creating a class of men who don't marry and have ...


Now that a woman is in the race for president, pundits can start talking about the ... 4. No one experiencing menopause should ever be making decisions. Everyone knows that erectile dysfunction is what makes a great American leader.


Apr 16, 2017 ... I'm here to give you a list of 10 wonderful conservative women who would make a much better president than Hillary Clinton, and not just ...


Apr 11, 2014 ... Here are five things a female president could bring to this great country. 1. Women's rights would take a dramatic turn for the better. ... to be a priority until more women are in charge of making the laws we're forced to live by.


Apr 12, 2015 ... American women only got the right to vote in 1920, and still make only 78 cents ... to suggest that electing a woman president of the U.S. simply makes good sense. ... Legislation Important To Women Would Get More Attention.


Women have the right to vote, get jobs and make a living, etc etc. ... I also think that there are no logic reasons why women can't be a president. ... For example, russian queen Yecatherine II the Great, eguptian queen Cleopatra, Tomiris and ...


Robinson is living proof that this feminine style of leadership can be both effective and ... "When I was elected President of Ireland, I was determined to show that I ... Yet when asked the single question if men or women make better leaders, the ...