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Carpal bones


The carpal bones are the eight small bones that make up the wrist (or carpus) that connects the ... Name, Proximal/radial articulations, Lateral/medial articulations ...

Bones of the Wrist and Hand - For Dummies


The human hand is an anatomical wonder. Each hand and wrist has 27 little bones. Think about all the different movements your wrists, hands, and fingers can ...

Hand Bones (hand bone names) - IvyRose Holistic


Bones of the hand are usually studied together with the bones of the wrist - so as a group that includes the carpals (wrist bones), metacarpals and phalanges.

Carpals, Metacarpals, and Phalanges (The Hand) - Boundless


Each hand consists of 27 bones, divided between the wrist bones (carpals), the palm bones (metacarpals), and the finger bones (phalanges).

What are the names of bones in the wrist? | Reference.com


The bones of the wrist are the trapezoid, trapezium, scaphoid, capitate, hamate, pisiform, triquetrum and lunate. These attach to the radius and ulna, which are ...

Carpal bones (mnemonic) | Radiology Reference Article ...


Mnemonics of the carpal bone are numerous and useful for memorising the order and location carpal bones. They usually describe the position of the carpal ...

Wrist bones - Mayo Clinic


Your wrist is made up of eight small bones (carpal bones) plus two long bones in your forearm — the radius and the ulna. The most commonly injured carpal ...

Carpal Bones Anatomy | Bone and Spine


Jan 18, 2008 ... The proximal row of carpal bones contains (from lateral to medial ... The name scaphoid is derived by combining two words signifying its shape.

Anatomy of Hand & Wrist | Bones, Muscles, Tendons, Nerves ...


Jan 14, 2016 ... The wrist links the hand to the arm. The wrist is a complex mechanical system of 8 small bones known as the carpal bones. The carpal bones ...

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Jul 16, 2013 ... Learn the name of the eight carpal bones. See all the bone songs at " learnthroughsong" channel. Lyrics are below. CARPAL BONES SONG ...
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Hand and Wrist - Anatomy Pictures and Information


The bones of the hand and wrist provide the body with support and flexibility to manipulate objects in many different ways. Each hand contains 27 distinct bones  ...

Hand Bones | Carpal Bones | Learn Bones


Below are detailed diagrams and descriptions of the hand bones (wrist, palm, and ... Additionally, the lunate bone's name is derived from the latin word luna, ...

What is the wrist bone called? | Reference.com


The wrist bone is known as the carpus. The carpus is ... The funny bone's name derives from the funny feeling that occurs when the ulnar nerve is hit. This nerve ...