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Xerox Corporation /ˈzɪərɒks/ is an American global corporation that sells business services ... At about half the size and weight, this still sizable machine printed onto hand-fe...

Life cycle analysis in the printing industry: a review - RIT Scholar ...


Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) had its early beginnings in the printing arena, with a focus on .... comparable color laser multifunction printer (Koehler et al., 2010). 3 . .... option (Xerox Corporation, 2008). Xerox .... (1) Study compared life cycles of manufactured vs. remanufactured devices, but these were the use-phase.

Xerox 214/212 Digital Printer/Copier Driver version 01.00.00 for use ...


2.2 Deleting a Job from Print Manager Causes Printing Problems with the Next ... in Printer Driver Image Quality Modes 2.10 Light Colors 2.11 Raster Mode vs. ... In some cases, (i.e., large Acrobat files, Visio files, et. al.) ... 1.4 Trademark Notices 212/214 Digital Printer/Copier is a registered trademark of Xerox Corporation.

Xerox: Business Services and Digital Printing Solutions


Production presses, copiers, printers and supplies, including iGen3, DocuColor, DocuTech and Nuvera.

The Role of the Business Model in Capturing Value from Innovation ...

www.hbs.edu/faculty/Publication Files/01-002_07351ae8-58be-44e5-a6d8-205cbf5b4424.pdf

John Seely Brown, Chief Scientist of the Xerox Corporation and Director .... Sull et al (1997), found that previous managerial commitments to employees and .... that arise in the course of development, (e.g. cost vs. performance, or weight vs. power). .... technology emerged in 1977 as Xerox entered the electronic printing ...

The Information Age and the Printing Press - RAND Corporation


There are some provocative parallels between the communications changes enabled by networked computers and those enabled by the printing press in its ...

Patent US3440076 - Raised printing process - Google Patents


The printing art has long practiced raised printing on paper by a method other ... printed characters are applied on a sheet of paper in the usual letter press or ..... On a s eet 0 paper wit an In 3,28 0 11/1966 Smith et al- 117 48 composition; ... Xerox Corporation, Process for preparing resilient blown imaged printing masters .

Patent US6975949 - Full width array scanning spectrophotometer ...


Dec 13, 2005 ... 16, 2004, by the same L. K. Mestha, et al, entitled “Reference Database .... of the above cited Xerox Corp patents can measure the color quality of printed ..... depending on the source of the print medium (for example, Kodak vs. .... Inspection system for inspecting an imprinted substrate on a printing press.

Color Gamut Mapping and the Printing of Digital Color Images


offset printing and can be applied equally well to other digital color devices. ... M. C. Stone et al. problem of ... problem was a commitment made by the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center to prepare, in ... viewing the separations than setting up an offset press. .... Cromalin is a registered trademark of the DuPont Corporation.

Progress and Trends in Ink-jet Printing Technology - Society for ...


Ink-jet is a non-impact dot-matrix printing technology in which droplets of ink are jetted .... Canon, Xerox, Asahi Glass, Arkwright, Folex, 3M and Imation are among the many ... market and Scitex's digital Press for the high-speed on-demand printing market. ..... Table V. Applications in Ink-Jet Printings .... B. Hadimioglu, et al...

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Digital Printing Hot Spot – Are There Downsides to the Right of First ...


Aug 13, 2013 ... Check out these other Digital Printing Hotspot Blog posts: ... one administrator responsible for facilities, for the budget, for admissions, et al.

Tackling Information Overload At the Source - Xerox


tion overload and information clutter, Xerox Corporation, a ... mind how much is archived, printed out on paper, or otherwise ..... The Hidden Costs of Information Work,” Feldman et al, IDC March 2005, IDC #05C4405A v ... of IDC Information and Data -- Any IDC information that is to be used in advertising, press releases, or.

Federal Circuit Closes the Door on Antitrust Refusal to Deal Claim ...


Apr 10, 2000 ... In In re: Independent Service Organizations Antitrust Litigation (CSU et al. v. Xerox Corporation), 203 F.3d 1322, 2000 WL190351 (Fed. Cir.