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Shelby County v. Holder


Shelby County v. Holder, 570 U.S. ___ (2013), is a landmark United States Supreme Court ... Eric H. Holder, Jr., Attorney General, et al. .... Shelby County, in the covered jurisdiction of Alabama, ...

12-96 Brief for Jurisdictions that Have Bailed Out in Support of ...


Jan 22, 2013 ... Holder, et al., and amicus curiae Merced County,. California ..... the Department of Justice: Yuba County (CA) Water Agency;. Linda County ...

Managing Water as a Public Commodity - Public Policy Institute of ...


In fulfilling these two roles, water can be considered a “public commodity,” ... 1. Early notions for managing water in California along these lines can be found in Phelps et al. (1978). .... In Tulare Lake Basin Water Storage District v. United ..... the Yuba Accord, which governs transfers from the Yuba County Water Agency.

The Modern Era in California Water Law - UC Hastings Scholarship ...


See JOSEPH L. SAX ET AL., LEGAL CONTROL OF WATER RE-. SOURCES 36 .... Id. at 862. 25. Joslin v. Marin Mun. Water Dist., 429 P.2d 889 (Cal. 1967). 26. Id . at 891. 27. ... water shortage, the most junior rights-holder must reduce even to the point of ... percent.33 And, in the early 1970s, the Yuba County Water Agency.

Chapter 1 Summary of Legal and Statutory Authorities, Water Rights ...


May 16, 2008 ... Coast Federation of Fishermen Association, et al. v. .... permits have terms that must be followed by DWR as the permit holder. ..... On December 4, 2007, DWR and the Yuba County Water Agency (YCWA) entered into a water.

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Shelby County v. Holder ... Debo P. Adegbile for the respondents Bobby Pierson, et al. ... Shelby County, Alabama, filed suit in district court and sought both a ...

Draft EIR/EIS, Yuba Accord, Chap. 5-8 - Bureau of Reclamation


YCWA was created by the Yuba County Water Agency Act (California Water Code Appendix, ... YCWA is a major water right holder on the Yuba River. ..... V o lum e. (A. F/ye ar). Historical Contract Value. Historical Deliveries plus Groundwater ...



Water Code section 10505, is known as the County of Origin statute. ..... v. Goleta Water District reaffirmed the rule that a public use must ..... Water Agency and Alexander Hildebrand, San Joaquin River Exchange co, et al. Pro ... Yuba. Protests to State of California Water Resources Board Application 31135 (June. II , 2001).

Addressing Climate Change Adaptation in Water Resource


coordination in the six-county Sacramento Region. The purpose of ..... Appendix V: Integrated Regional Water Management Plans (Climate Change Element) . ... YCWA. Yuba County Water Agency .... Decision Making, see Groves et al., 2013; vulnerability and robust response, ... disadvantage water rights holder [MT,LT].

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Permitted, 1,434, 209,878,580.70, Water right holder has been cleared for a project to use water. - (link) ... Beckstoffer Vineyard V. a California Limited Partnership, 65, Permitted, Appropriative ... SACRAMENTO COUNTY WATER AGENCY, 71,000, Permitted, Appropriative ...... Trudy Reed, et al, 8.2, Licensed, Appropriative.

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Jurisdictions that have bailed out - Moritz College of Law


Jan 22, 2013 ... Holder, et al., and amicus curiae Merced County,. California ..... Utility District; North Yuba County (CA) Water Agency; Isle of. Wight County, VA ...

Summary of Significant Litigation 1998-2005 - California Department ...


Environmental Water Account: California Farm Bureau Federation v. ... El Dorado Irrigation District and El Dorado County Water Agency challenged ..... Metropolitan Water District, et al., Imperial County Superior Court, Case .... rights for the portion of the Yuba River from New Bullards Bar Reservoir to the confluence of the ...

San Bernardino etc. Water Dist. v. Meeks & Daley Water Co ...


MEEKS AND DALEY WATER COMPANY et al., Defendants and Respondents. ... The diversion works of defendants are all located within the County of San Bernardino and within the .... (See also Yuba River Power Co. v. ... compensation because orchards may dry up and die or because a householder is deprived of water.