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A G-type main-sequence star (Spectral type: G-V), often (and imprecisely) called a yellow dwarf, or G dwarf star, is a main-sequence star (luminosity class V) of ...

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A yellow dwarf is a star and is often referred to as a G-type main sequence star. A perfect example of a yellow dwarf would be the sun. A yellow dwarf.

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Dec 24, 2015 ... According to their system of classification, the Sun is known as a yellow dwarf star. This group of stars are relatively small, containing between ...

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A summary of yellow dwarf stars, such as the Sun. ... Sol: The Sun is a yellow dwarf star (spectral class G2 V) with a mass of 1.9891 x 10^30 kg (about 2

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The Sun is a yellow dwarf star. It consists of 74% hydrogen, 24% helium and a fraction of heavier elements.

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Stars are classified by their spectra (the elements that they absorb) and their ... The Sun is a as a G2V type star, a yellow dwarf and a main sequence star.

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The Sun in the center of our solar system is a Yellow Dwarf, these are stars that have approximately between 0.8 to 1.2 the mass of our sun. Most Yellow Dwarfs  ...

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The sun is a type of star known as a yellow dwarf. A hot ball of glowing gases, it is at the heart of our solar system. The sun's gravity holds the solar system ...

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A yellow dwarf star is the category our own Sun falls into.

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Like the Sun, these medium-sized stars are yellow because they have a ... takes such a long time, it is believed there are still no black dwarf stars in the universe.