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The Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog breed of terrier type, developed during the 19th century in ... on the body and fawn or silver coloured head and legs, with tail docked and ears trimmed, was received and admired as a Yorkshire Terrier".


Learn about Yorkshire Terrier ear care. Floppy ears, grooming, taping, breed specific infections and problems with symptoms and treatments.


Learn about Yorkshire Terrier ear mite problems. Explanation of ear ... The dog will have intense itching and will do all he can to scratch his ears; In an attempt to  ...


Aug 16, 2010 ... Yorkshire terriers are characterized by a set of small ''V''-shaped ears that are carried erect and not set too far apart, according to the American ...


May 27, 2008 ... Hi, my family has a Yorkie puppy, now about 8 months old. Her ears are still not standing straight up on their own. Her ears seem like they may ...


Most Yorkie puppies ears are standing by the time they're 3 months old, but some take longer than others. The larger the ear is, the harder it is to get it to stand.


Nov 5, 2013 ... Another important preventive care to avoid the infection in Yorkies ears is to see that no water enters the ears while bathing. Many owners ...

Sep 18, 2010 ... After trying numerous times to tape my yorkie's ears (unsuccessfully) I thought I'd try something a little easier! So, I cut a couple small pieces of ...


Jan 13, 2010 ... cooper just turned 5 months on the 9th and it seems like his ears aren't ... up yet. i like the puppy floppy ears but, i see everyone else's yorkies.

Nov 28, 2010 ... Taping Up a Yorkies Ears to stand up. RaeLynn from www.utahyorkies.com shows how to tape up a Yorkie's ears.