Did you mean: You're Playing Smartphone Games In The Bathroom, Aren't You?
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You're Playing Smartphone Games In The Bathroom, Aren't You ...


Feb 13, 2013 ... Mobile gaming is big because it's just so darn convenient. You can play a round of something in bed, in transit, or--no judging here--in the ...

The Best Apps to Use While You're Pooping - Thrillist


May 20, 2016 ... And you don't just have to play by yourself, you can raise the stakes by going up against ... If you aren't already checking Amazon's Deals of the Day on the reg, your bathroom ... out why it's one of the most downloaded smartphone games in 30 different countries. ... screenshot of toilet time app in iph...

12 Tips for Pooping with Smartphones - Fallible Blogma


Jan 10, 2012 ... ... know you do it. Yes, everybody poops…but now most of you are doing it with [ …] ... Back when toilet time was just a waiting game. Time to relax and think. ... Don't play games that have endless levels. 30 minutes will go ... They just aren't comfortable coming out of the water closet yet. Don't forget to...

The 10 Best Games to Play on Android When You're Taking a Dump ...


Oct 5, 2015 ... My bathroom is like my own private arcade room. ... toilet, no one is going to disturb me, so I can play anything I want on my smartphone. ... You don't want a game that's too addictive, or you'll be playing until your legs go numb.

10 things you didn't know your smartphone could do | TechRadar


Oct 24, 2013 ... Smartphone makers aren't the only ones who can develop an ... already built into your phone you can download it from Google Play. ... You can turn your Android into a games console ... Kong ideas in the bath; Apple car plans shift gear with autonomous driving platform goal; The 10 best 4K TVs of 2016.

Half of us play mobile phone games sitting on the toilet | Daily Mail ...


Jul 30, 2014 ... When it comes to the bedroom, people aren't much better. ... On average, people who play gaming apps on their smartphone wile away nearly 45 minutes a day .... 'You are fascinated with sex': Newt Gingrich's extraordinary.

What's a decent smartphone game that's not trying to get you to buy ...


Apr 11, 2016 ... What are some good video games to play with your SO? ... What's a decent smartphone game that's not trying to get you to buy extra ..... Small World, Ticket to Ride and Pandemic aren't required to enjoy the games. ...... But it was like when I was a kid and kept the Chrono Cross game guide in the bathroom.

5 Hilarious yet Useful Bathroom-Related Apps for Android


From finding a bathroom to faking going to the bathroom, here are some ... This is a post about peeing and using your Android device to help you do so. ... The Play Store is overflowing with options. .... And while there aren't many other users out there, you're welcome to compete with the world as though it were a game.

4 Free Android Apps You Need When You're At Disneyland


Aug 14, 2014 ... Disneyland is huge, and you're most likely going to be walking all day. ... to find a bathroom, a good place to eat, or find out the wait time of your favorite ride. ... has redesigned its weather app, and now it is back in the Google Play Store. ... You: The Problem With "Look Up" [Opinion] Smartphones ar...

What you need to know about Nintendo's smartphone games


Mar 17, 2015 ... ... Mario on your mobile? What you need to know about Nintendo's smartphone games ... Sorry, there'll be no Wind Waker for your tablet. Shares ... mobile devices? Are we months off playing Super Mario 64 on our new Galaxy S6s? .... Mobile games aren't a product anymore, but a service. That Nintendo is ....

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10 Best Bathroom Break Games - Arcade Sushi


Oct 10, 2013 ... No, we're not talking about picking your nose when you're driving, we're talking about playing games during private time in the bathroom.

9 Ways You're Accidentally Damaging Your Smartphone


Oct 1, 2016 ... Think you're taking great care of your smartphone? ... (Dropping your phone in the toilet or shattering the screen on the sidewalk aren't the only ways to ... Whether you're reading the news on the beach or playing a game at ...

7 Video Games to Play on the Toilet - The Cheat Sheet


Oct 13, 2016 ... We all know that when it comes to using the bathroom, you're ... But really, aren't video games more fun than any of that? ... Peggle Blast is a free-to-play version of the game for smartphones that's ideal for quick play sessions.