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Zakariya Khan Bahadur, (d.1747) was the Mughal Empire's viceroy of Lahore from 1726, succeeding his father, Abdus Samad Khan Bahadur, in the post.

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Jan 15, 2012 ... Mass execution of Sikhs in Lahore during the time of Zakariya Khan ... replaced his father 'Abd us-Samad Khan' as governor of this famous historic city and province ... operations against the Sikh leader Banda Singh Bahadur.

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Read about Sikh Warriors who fought against Zakriya khan. ... Zakariya Khan made submission; Khalsa retreated to the hills. march.jpg - 52.07 K The Persian ...

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He came of a Hindu Khatri family of Kalanaur, in Gurdaspur district of the Punjab. In 1736 when Zakariya Khan organized a mobile column of 10,000 to scour the ...

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On return, the royal hunters told Kulij Khan, the governor of Lahore , to ... out to the Qutb Minar and torn to pieces near the tomb of Emperor Bahadur Shah. ... and at night the headless bodies were loaded into carts, taken out of the city, and .... Zakaria Khan had made frantic requests for aid from Delhi, but without success .

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Show Schedule: Our next show is the Redwood Empire coin show, Saturday &. Sunday, 28-29 .... Rafiqa and its neighboring city al-Raqqa were important cities at the time. 6. al-Musta'sim, ... HAFSID: Abu Zakariya'Yahya I, 1230-1249, AV 1/4 dinar. (1.169) ... name of Chingiz Khan (Genghis Khan), Ghazna 618, A-1964,.

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In this grab taken from video by Associate Press Television, the scene of an attack on a hotel, in Ouagadougou. Attackers struck an upscale hotel popular with ...

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