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Finch health and diseases - Australian Finches


Common Finch Diseases. Spotting a sick finch is most of the times an easy task, especially if you know what signs to look for. Most sick finches will become very ...

Lady Gouldian Finch .com - A Sick Finch - Symptoms/Treatment


A Sick Finch - Symptoms/Treatment .."i think my finch is sick" by Myra. Is your finch sick? How can you tell? Why is your finch sick? What is the diagnosis? What is ...

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Oct 25, 2013 ... Does anyone know what's wrong with my Finch? He rolls himself up into a ball and keep shaking. My local vet said he doesn't know what's ...

Common Diseases In Zebra Finches - 8 steps (with images)


Common Diseases In Zebra Finches. Do you have a lovely pet zebra finch? It is a very peculiar bird also known as the Timor or diamond zebra finch.

Care of Zebra Finches - ZBirds


Zebra Finch Care ... A few of things to watch for are signs of illness, nails, leg bands, and strings. If your bird sits in the corner, looks puffy, or generally doesn't  ...

my female zebra finch just became letharging puffy like ... - JustAnswer


Question - my female zebra finch just became letharging puffy like . ... Subtle signs of illness include become more quiet or in some cases more vocal; going off ...

Zebra Finch, Poephila guttata castanotis - Animal World


Zebra Finches are great birds for a beginner or any bird enthusiast! .... Know your birds and watch for real drastic changes as indications of illness. Some signs ...

How do you know when a Zebra Finch is sick? | Yahoo Answers


Aug 13, 2009 ... And now all of my other Zebra Finches are getting bald spots, and I don't know if they are fighting or they are all getting sick.

Finch Aviary - Care - Our Tragic Experience


The story of our first brush with illness in the aviary. ... Our Owl Finch, Nice Zebra's companion started showing signs of illness a few weeks later. Peeper, most ...

Finch Aviary - Care - Finch FAQ


I have a zebra finch and a society finch housed together (opposite sex). .... First, separate the bird from any other birds to try to contain the spread of illness.

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Zebra Finch Illnesses - H.-J. Martin


Sick Zebra Finches: their diseases, remedies. ... Due to their rapid metabolism birds are particularly susceptible to many diseases: if the illness impairs sufficient  ...

Common Diseases of Finches - AvianWeb


Finch Diseases: Diseases that finches commonly come down with. ... Genetic Diseases - Affecting primarily mutation and/or in-bred finches (Gouldians / Zebras ).

How to Spot a Sick Finch: 6 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow


Did you find a wild finch that looks a bit ill? This article will teach you how to tell if a finch is sick. Look at the finch's feathers. ... How to. Raise Zebra Finches ...