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Sherman H. Zeng, et al. v. Hugh S. Potts, Jr., et al. 13-CV-00040 ...


Mar 5, 2013 ... Northern District of Mississippi (Greenville Division). CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 4:13-cv-00040-MPM-JMV. Zeng v. Potts et al. Date Filed: ...

Non-Turing stripes and spots: a novel mechanism for biological cell ...


Ed; 87.18.La; 87.17.Aa. Keywords: Cell adhesion; Extracellular matrix (ECM); Cellular Potts Model (CPM); Precartilage ... W. Zeng et al./Physica A 341 (2004) ...

Individual and gender fingerprints in human body odour


Nov 28, 2006 ... 1999) and sweat (Ostrovskaya et al. ... 1981; Stoddart 1990; Taylor et al. .... have been found in previous studies (Nicolaides 1974; Zeng et al. ... A previous analytical study comparing axillary odour compounds of men versus .... Penn D, Potts W.K. Chemical signals and parasite-mediated sexual selection.

A constrained Potts antiferromagnet model with an interface ...


We define a four-state Potts model ensemble on the square lattice, with the constraints that ... Raghavan et al. , 1997; Zeng and Henley, 1997). ...... Figure 6 shows log (q2〈|h1(q)|2〉) vs. log (q2) for the 4-state simulation on a 64×64 lattice.

Comparison of bimodal and bilateral cochlear implant users on ...


McKay et al (1994) studied cochlear implant users' perception of pitch from amplitude modulation and ... 2005; Potts et al. .... the competing talker was a different gender from the target (Cullington & Zeng 2010; Kong et al. ... Peng et al (2008) also assessed perception of question versus statement in 26 children and young ...

Publications » Travis E. Huxman


Kimball S, Gremer JR, Barron-Gafford GA, Angert AL, Huxman TE, Venable DL ( 2014) ... Niu GY, Paniconi C, Troch PA, Scott RL, Durcik M, Zeng X, Huxman TE, Goodrich DC .... Zou CB, Troch PA, Huxman TE (2009) Reply to Leuzinger et al. ... Potts DL, Scott RL, Cable JM, Huxman TE, Williams DG (2008) Sensitivity of ...



et al. 2004; Ching et al. 2005; Potts et al. 2007), and music perception (Kong et al . 2005; El ..... Shannon, R.V., Zeng, F.G., Kamath, V., Wygonski, J. & Ekelid, M.

Chapter 5 Phonon transport in low-dimensional structures


Bannov, et al, 1995; N. Bannov, V. Aristov, V. Mitin, M.A. Stroscio ... Borca- Tasciuc, et al, 1999; T. Borca-Tasciuc, W.L. Liu, J.L. Liu, T. Zeng, D.W. Song, C.D. ..... Potts, et al, 1991; A. Potts, M.J. Kelly, D.G. Hasko, C.G. Smith, D.B. Hasko, J.R.A. ...

People - Michael A. White Lab - UT Southwestern


Potts, M.B., McMillan, E.A., Rosales, T. I., Kim, H.S., Ou, Y.H., Tooms, J.E., Brekken, .... Ling X, Konopleva M, Zeng Z, Ruvolo V, Stephens LC, Schober W, et al.

Tajima's D, Fu's FS, Fay and Wu's H, and Zeng et al. - Kent Holsinger


Tajima's D, Fu's FS, Fay and Wu's H, and. Zeng et al.'s E. Introduction. So far we' ve been comparing rates of synonymous and non-synonymous substitution to ...

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