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Zoos and Animal Rights: Right or Wrong? - Journey Wonders


May 16, 2015 ... A thought-provoking article about how Zoos can actually help the animals that are held captive inside of them.

Is it wrong to keep animals in zoos? | Debate.org


No, I don't support Animal cruelty in zoos. I believe that animals deserve the right to be free in their natural habitat, for example elephants walk up to 30 miles a ...

BBC - Ethics - Animal ethics: Animals for entertainment


Are we right to use animals as objects of entertainment? ... Is it morally wrong to keep animals in zoos? The animal ... It is wrong if animals have rights because:.

Animal Rights Uncompromised: Zoos | Uncompromising Stands on ...


PETA opposes zoos because cages and cramped enclosures at zoos deprive animals of the opportunity to satisfy their most basic needs. The zoo community ...

Zoos, Animals and Animal Rights - How to Do Animal Rights


Zoos teach people that it is all right to use animals, even for purposes we assume ... Claim: It is wrong for zoos or their agents to capture animals from the wild, ...

Is animal captivity wrong? | Big Think


Also note, I will view “being in zoos” and “being in captivity” as synonymous, as a ... (that humans made it smaller is actually irrelevant to fact that it is, right now, ...

A List of Arguments for and Against Zoos - Animal Rights - About.com


Mar 31, 2014 ... As children, we're taught that zoos save endangered species and educate the ... but whether we have a right to confine them for our amusement or "education. ... Aquariums and Animal Rights - What's Wrong with Aquariums?

The right and wrong ways to zoo it - Opinion - smh.com.au


Jun 20, 2007 ... First, a confession: I don't like zoos. For more than 30 years I've been directing and planning them; thinking, researching and writing about them ...

Are zoos good or bad for animals? - HowStuffWorks


Sep 18, 2008 ... ... good or bad? You might have asked this while visiting your local wildlife hangout. Learn why zoos are good or bad, depending on perspective.

Animal Cruelty - Zoos - Vegan Peace


Animal Cruelty - Zoos: talks about why we should avoid zoos. ... The clip on the right shows an elephant at the Milwaukee County Zoo in the summer. She is ...

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Q: Zoo: Right or Wrong?
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Q: Zoos- right or wrong?
A: I think a well run, properly maintained and accredited zoo is an asset on several fronts -- the strongest and best being education. Though zoos also do outstand... Read More »
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Q: Why is it wrong to keep animals in zoos?
A: It is wrong because animals should be left alone so that they can rome around in the wild. It is ok if they are kept in big spaces like they are at LongLeat ani... Read More »
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