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Ada (programming language)


Ada is a structured, statically typed, imperative, wide-spectrum, and object- oriented high-level .... This version of the language is commonly known as Ada 83, from the date of its adoption by ANSI,...

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Ada 83 is the first version of the Ada programming language. It was based in the so called Ada 80, a preliminary version of the language formally known as ...

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Oct 20, 1996 ... The original Ada standard, ANSI/MIL-STD-1815A-1983 (a.k.a. ISO 8652:1987), was revised and superseded by Ada 95. There are two ...



Ada source code for console-mode Tetris game for testing Ada 95 and Ada 83 tasking. Works for GNAT (Solaris, Win, DOS) and Ada 83 OpenAda compilers.

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For the most part, Ada 95 is entirely upwards compatible with Ada 83, meaning that correctly written portable Ada 83 code can be compiled with an Ada 95 ...

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Since Ada 95 has introduced Wide_Character as a new predefined character type, some uses of character literals that were legal in Ada 83 are illegal in Ada 95.

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... for Professional Programmers. Lovelace - an Ada95 tutorial. Ada 83. Ada 83 Language Reference Manual (LRM). Ada 83 Rationale. Ada 83 Style Guide ...

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If you're using an older, Ada 83-only compiler, here are some tips: Replace all uses of "Ada.Text_IO" with just "Text_IO". Ada 83 doesn't have the package "Ada.

Object-oriented programming in Ada83—genericity rehabilitated


A scheme for single-inheritance object-oriented programming in Ada83 is presented in which man y methods are determined at compile time using " generic" ...

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Jun 4, 1991 ... A Comparison of Ada 83 and C++. IBM_. Nelson H. Weiderman. Technology Division. Approved for public release. Distribution unlimited.

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Note: The Ada 83 standard has been superceded by Ada 95 and Ada 2005. Click here for the Ada 95 standard and guideline documents and here for Ada 2005 ...

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Ada '83 Language Reference Manual. Copyright 1980, 1982, 1983 owned by the United States Government. Direct reproduction and usage requests to the Ada ...

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Programming Structure, Modularity, Ada 83, Ada 95, Ada 2005, Ada 2012. Packages, √, √, √, √. Child units, √, √, √. Limited with clauses and mutually  ...