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British Antarctic Survey


The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) is the United Kingdom's national Antarctic operation .... Until 2008 this was HMS Endurance, a Class 1A1 icebreaker. ... either Port Stanley Airport on the Fal...

The Endurance Expedition - Sir Ernest Shackleton - Tom Crean


The Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1914 – 1917 ... of Scott, and lay supply depots across the Ross Ice Shelf all the way to the foot of the Beardmore Glacier.

Blog » endurance100 - Endurance 100 Expedition


Many of the Endurance South Pole 100 expedition knew Henry and one .... Airport showing the flight has left PA on its way to Union Glacier to collect our team. ..... Monday 7th December – Endurance 100 Blog – Union Glacier, Antarctica

David Beckham at Union Glacier, Antarctica - Explorersweb


Nov 11, 2015 ... Anyone see the corner flag behind me ?? game 5 Antarctica WOW no words" courtesy David ... Beckham's image of the impressive Ilyushin-76 at Punta Arenas airport. courtesy ... Loss of the Endurance, October 30-31, 1915.

Rothera Research Station - British Antarctic Survey


Rothera Research Station, Adelaide Island, Antarctica .... BAS Twin Otter aircraft used a glacier ski-way 300m above the station on the Wormald Ice Piedmont.

Antarctica, 100 years since Shackleton - Telegraph


Jan 15, 2015 ... Almost exactly a century ago since Ernest Shackleton's Endurance was beset by ice, Jonathan Thompson finds Antarctica's ... To gaze on sheer ice cliffs and listen to the polar silence, punctuated only by ancient glaciers cracking their ... Options include Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne airports, with ...

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Glaciers form when the yearly snowfall exceeds the yearly melt. Because Antarctica's temperatures rarely exceed the freezing point, thick ice sheets can form if ...

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Images of the Entire Antarctica Continent Mapped with RADARSAT ... Glaciers plow through 15,000 ft. mountain ranges, rising above the land like citadel spires. ... Owned by the United States, McMurdo Station and its attendant airport called .... began as one of discovery and adventure became a test of endurance and will .

Taylor Glacier or Bust! | Travels and travails of an aught-niner.


Ayça picked me up at the Moline airport on Thursday evening. My trip ... to plan) the last day in Antarctica for four members of Team ENDURANCE, including me.

Antarctic Ice Marathon, South Pole, RunFun Travel, Australian ...


On 19 November 2016, the Antarctic Ice Marathon will take place at 80 ... this ultramarathon challenge is reserved for only the toughest of endurance athletes.

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Open source travel guide to Antarctica, featuring up-to-date information on attractions, ... Endurance : Shackle ton's Incredible Voyage, by Alfred Lansing; Endurance, ... There are 28 airport landing facilities in Antarctica and all 37 Antarctic ... Frei Station on King George Island and the ANI Union Glacier Camp, respectively.

Union Glacier Camp | Adventure Network International


Union Glacier is the only facility of its kind in Antarctica. ... suited to Antarctic conditions and are based on a design used by Shackleton's Endurance expedition.

Antarctic Ice Marathon FAQs


From there, you will be flown to the Union Glacier camp in Antarctica. ... Transfers to and from Punta Arenas airport, Chile for Antarctic flight; Briefing with ... Only experienced ultramarathon and endurance athletes should attempt the 100k race , ...

Antarctic Marathon 2013 - Antarctic Ice Marathon


the toughest endurance athletes, the Antarctic 62.1 miles (100km) Ultra Race completes ... Transfers to and from Punta Arenas airport, Chile for Antarctic flight ... A Baggage allowance of up to 55lbs (25kg) on Punta Arenas-Union Glacier flight.

Vinson | Climb Vinson Massif with RMI Expeditions - RMI.com


Scale the "top of the bottom of the world" - the highest mountain in Antarctica and one ... Base Camp at the foot of the Branscomb Glacier in the Ellsworth Mountains. ... to airport transfers, so that you can focus on preparing for the climb instead of ..... Alfred Lansing's Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage to...