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the branch of archaeology that deals with the apparent use by prehistoric civilizations of astronomical techniques to establish the seasons or the cycle of the year, especially as evidenced in the construction of megaliths and other ritual structures.
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Archaeoastronomy (also spelled archeoastronomy) is the study of how people in the past "have understood the phenomena in the sky, how they used these ...

Archaeoastronomy pinpoints equinox, solstice and cross quarter ...


Overview of archaeoastronomy. Includes maps, almanacs and video archive.

Center for Archaeoastronomy - University of Maryland


Founded in 1978 at the University of Maryland to advance research, education and public awareness of archaeoastronomy.

Definition: Archaeoastronomy is the the study of ancient methods and reasons for studying the stars and planets, including but not limited to tracking the solar and lunar years. Ancient observatories and rock art are often the focus of this study. People who make care... More »
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A Brief Introduction to Archaeoastronomy - TerpConnect


A Brief Introduction to Archaeoastronomy. The study of the astronomical practices , celestial lore, mythologies, religions and world-views of all ancient cultures we ...

Archaeoastronomy - The Journal of Astronomy in Culture


The journal produced by the Center for Archaeoastronomy on an annual basis. Published by University of Texas Press.

International Society for Archaeoastronomy and Astronomy in ...


The tenth “Oxford” International Symposium on Archaeoastronomy took place in Cape Town, South Africa, on July 14–18, 2014. The conference theme was ...

Archaeoastronomy. - Ancient-Wisdom


Archaeoastronomy: (Prehistoric Astronomers). For a long time now the scientific establishment has shown a resistance and even disregard to the idea of ...

Archaeoastronomy - archaeoastronomer.simplesite.com


Archaeoastronomy - archaeoastronomer.simplesite.com.

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Q: What is archaeoastronomy?
A: Archaeoastronomy is the study of astronomical practices, celestial lore, mythologies, Read More »
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Q: How old is archaeoastronomy?
A: Very old. Read More »
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Q: What part of speech is archaeoastronomy?
A: It is a noun. Read More »
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Q: What is archaeo-astronomy?
A: [Ge] The study of ancient astronomy through archaeological remains. Sometimes known as astroarchaeology. Read More »
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Q: What is ar·chae·o·as·tron·o·my?
A: (är'kē-ō-ə-strŏn'ə-mē) n. The study of the knowledge, interpretations, and practices of ancient cultures regarding celestial objects or phenomena. archaeoastron... Read More »
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