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Balaam is a diviner in the Torah, his story occurring towards the end of the Book of Numbers (Hebrew: במדבר). The etymology of his name is uncertain, and ...

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Answer: Balaam was a wicked prophet in the Bible and is noteworthy because, although he was a wicked prophet, he was not a false prophet. That is, Balaam ...

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Balak Summons Balaam - Then the Israelites traveled to the plains of Moab and camped along the Jordan across from Jericho. Now Balak son of Zippor.

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Balak Sends For Balaam. Frightened by the fall of the lands of the Amorites and Bashan, the kings of Moab and Midian, implacable foes for many generations, ...

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BALAAM (Heb. בַּלְעָם, בִּלְעָם), son of Beor, a non-Israelite diviner famous for his effectiveness, enlisted by Balak, king of Moab, to pronounce curses over the ...

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xxiv. contain the detailed account of four oracles that Balaam uttered to Balak concerning Israel. The soothsayer directs Balak to offer sacrifices to God of seven  ...

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Aug 24, 2004 ... Introduction While I was preparing to teach on the prophet Balaam, I went to the church library to check out some of the best commentaries on ...

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Feb 1, 2003 ... Balaam son of Beor is definitely an oddball among the prophets. He is not an Israelite but apparently a Syrian who lived in Pethor, a town ...

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Reprinted with permission from Who's Who in the Hebrew Bible (The Jewish Publication Society). Balaam, son of Beor, was a seer from Aram, internationally ...

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Jul 2, 2012 ... This week's Torah portion centers on the story of Balak, King of Moab and Balaam, a foreign prophet.

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Balaam. (B.C. 1451), the son of beor, a man endowed with the gift of prophecy. ( Numbers 22:5) He is mentioned in conjunction with the five kings of Midian, ...

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In an unprecedented discovery, an ancient text found at Deir Alla, Jordan, in 1967 tells about the activities of a prophet named Balaam. Could this be the Balaam ...

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Sep 4, 2002 ... Balaam stands in infamy as the paragon of apostasy. His worldly lusts lured him into the power of Baal and brought upon him the ultimate ...