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Befunge is a stack-based, reflective, esoteric programming language. It differs from conventional languages in that programs are arranged on a two- dimensional ...

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Aug 27, 2016 ... Befunge is a two-dimensional fungeoidal (in fact, the original fungeoid) esoteric programming language invented in 1993 by Chris Pressey with ...

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Befunge is one of the oldest and the most famous two-dimensional esoteric programming languages. Befunge was created in 1993 by Chris Pressey.

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Apr 9, 2016 ... Befunge is an esoteric programming language invented by Chris Pressey in 1993. It is unusual for having a two-dimensional toroidal code ...

Befunge-93 Interpreter in JavaScript


When using the Run button, you cannot interrupt an infinite loop. Tested against the Befunge-93 portion of the Mycology test suite. Tested in Safari 7, FireFox, ...

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PyFunge - Befunge-93/Funge-98 interpreter in Python by Kang Seonghoon ( mearie.org) ... Mycology - an extensive Befunge-98(93) test suite by Matti " Deewiant" ...

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Befunge Inside parody logo Befunge is a synthetic language which may be useful for something one day, but I never hope to see any such day myself.



Three-line chunk of source code written by Tim Gilbert.

jsFunge IDE - A Befunge 93 Editor, Interpreter and Debugger


What is the Befunge 93 ? Befunge is a stack-based, reflective, esoteric programming language. It differs from conventional languages in that programs are ...

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Jan 1, 2013 ... Befunge is a 2-dimensional esoteric programming language. The basic idea is that (one-character) commands are placed on a 2-dimensional ...

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Alexios' Befunge Playground | Tilde~A: Alexios' Homepage


This is your chance to play with Befunge online. The interpreter runs on your browser. I conceived this Befunge toy in a feverish fit (one might say it was ...

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Befunge-93 is an esoteric programming language where the program exists in a two-dimensional grid of cells, where each cell contains a single instruction, and ...

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Sep 11, 1998 ... The official specification for the 1998 revision to Befunge-93.