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In United States federal anti-discrimination law, a protected class is a group of people with a ... Individual states can and do create other classes for protection under state law. See also[edit]. Affirmative action · Civil Rights Act of 1968—In particular, Title VIII of the Act, also known as the Fair Housing Act; Equal Employment ...


Sep 16, 2013 ... Read it if you're considering amendment a company constitution and ... does not set out a procedure for varying or cancelling class rights then ...


Aug 7, 2007 ... Delaware corporate law provides that a “class vote” is required if the amendment to the Certificate of Incorporation does any of the following: ... adversely do not apply to an amendment that creates a class or series with rights, ...


(b) The amendment of a certificate of incorporation authorized by this section shall be ... (c) This section will apply to a nonstock corporation before such a ... (5 ) To create new classes of stock having rights and preferences either prior and ...


Articles can be amended by special resolution section 21(1) but, in a new development, ... Deprive members of statutory protection (variation of class rights) .


(2) A shareholder of the corporation does not have a vested property right .... (2) If a proposed amendment would affect only a series of a class of shares in one ...


Feb 9, 2017 ... Unenumerated Rights Are Not Second-Class Rights ... Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch will return to the jurisprudence of natural rights.


By-laws will be changed and updated over time as the needs and the organization ... changing or removing any rights and conditions of any such class or group, ...


(b) A shareholder of the corporation does not have a vested property right ... (5b) To delete a class of shares from the articles of incorporation, as a result of the.


Jan 13, 2015 ... We explain how a company can change its articles of association (or ... the minority or deprive minority shareholders of their statutory rights as ... classes, then 75% of each share class must approve the changes). ... We've created template written special resolutions that you can download and amend for:.