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Chartering is an activity within the shipping industry. In some cases a charterer may own cargo and employ a shipbroker to find a ship to deliver the cargo for a ...

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Feb 4, 2014 ... The “chartering” of a ship, in its simplest terms, is a rental agreement in which a charterer agrees to hire a ship from its owner. Typically it is the ...

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What's it like working as a Ship Charterer? As the controllers of cargoes, charterers are directly responsible for keeping the world's shipping fleet in business.

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A document issued by a sovereign, legislature, or other authority, creating a public or private corporation, such as a city, college, or bank, and defining its ...

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www.raetsmarine.com/products/CharterersLiability/Insurances for Charterers

Insurance for Charterers Do not underestimate the risks Chartering a vessel inevitably entails certain risks, and as a charterer, you may find yourself exposed to ...

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Type of Charterers We compile tailor-made insurance packages for the following type of Charterers: Companies operating a liner service Companies ...

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Charterer definition, a document, issued by a sovereign or state, outlining the conditions under which a corporation, colony, city, or other corporate body is ...

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The definition of a charterer is a person who reserves a boat, bus or other mode of transportation for the personal use of others. An example of a charterer is the ...

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Jun 17, 2014 ... Dr Chao Wu, Legal Director of Thomas Miller P&I Ltd explains the key risks to which a charterer is most commonly exposed and for which cover ...

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charterer, a person or firm who enters into a contract with a shipowner for the transportation of cargo or passengers for a stipulated period of time, i.e. a ...

a document, issued by a sovereign or state, outlining the conditions under which a corporation, colony, city, or other corporate body is organized, and defining its rights and privileges.
(often initial capital letter) a document defining the formal organization of a corporate body; constitution: the Charter of the United Nations.
authorization from a central or parent organization to establish a new branch, chapter, etc.
a grant by a sovereign power creating a corporation, as the royal charters granted to British colonies in America.
a contract by which part or all of a ship is leased for a voyage or a stated time.
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charterer | Define charterer at Dictionary.com
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