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The Chevrolet Chevette is a front-engine/rear drive subcompact manufactured and marketed by Chevrolet for model years 1976-1987 in three-door and ...

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I include the Chevy Chevette only to note that even the most unloved and unlovely cars have their partisans. There are Pacer fan clubs and Yugo fan clubs, and ...

Feb 22, 2016 ... Designated "Unsafe for Highway Use." A E S T H E T I C.

You Won't Guess How Much Horsepower A 1976 Chevrolet ...


Feb 23, 2016 ... The 1976 Chevette was GM's brand new economy car, with the 1.4 manual '2- Seat Scooter' starting at $2,899 with an EPA-rating of 40mpg ...

Nov 12, 2015 ... 85hp from the factory witha 90ci motor... you would have never expected to see the Chevrolet Chevette on a race track..especially at DRAG ...

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Jan 12, 2017 ... 25 chevettes - art 12/29/2016, 12:16 pm ... parts for sale - chevette jeff 12/20/2016 , 5:58 am ... 81 chevette engine - Jim 12/8/2016, 8:46 pm.

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Search Chevrolet Chevette for sale on Carsforsale.com. With millions of cars for sale, you'll find the best local deal.

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Jul 5, 2015 ... Ten days ago, an article on its blog suggested that, "Forty years later, the Chevette can still get better gas mileage than many new cars.".

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Jun 21, 2011 ... The rear-drive Chevette upheld the American tradition of punishing small-car buyers. In its favor, it was cheap and relatively reliable. Today ...

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The Chevrolet Chevette was an inexpensive car that focused on transportation instead of style. Find prices and information for the Chevrolet Chevette.