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Capital: Santiago
Population: 17,819,054
Conventional Name: Republic of Chile
Chief of State: President Michelle Bachelet
Head of State: President Michelle Bachelet
National Anthem: Himno Nacional de Chile (National Anthem of Chile)
Lyrics/Music: Eusebio Lillo Robles And Bernardo De Vera Y Pintado/Ramon Carnicer Y Battle


Spain conquered and colonised Chile in the mid-16th century, replacing Inca rule in northern and central Chile, but failing to conquer the independent Mapuche ...

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Por Daniella Guiloff , Guía de About.comfebrero 20, 2013 El reconocido festival electrónico con más de 25 años  de historia en EE.UU y varios premios ganado como el mejor acontecimiento de este estilo musical, llega por primera vez a Chile y su inauguración será en gran... More »
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Chile is nature on a colossal scale, but travel here is surprisingly easy if you don't rush it. Slow AdventureIn Chile, adventure is what happens...

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Chile is a long, narrow country along the southern half of the west coast of South America, between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean. The bordering countries ...

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El sitio oficial de turismo de Chile. Encuentra información para viajar a Chile; cosas que hacer y lugares que visitar en tu viaje.

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Chile is a country of startling contrasts and extreme beauty, with attractions ranging from the towering volcanic peaks of the Andes to the ancient forests of the ...

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It just doesn't cut it to call Chile a land of contrasts - this is a land of extremes. It's a preposterously skinny tendril of a country creeping 4300km around the foot of South America: while Arica ... More »
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Q: Where is Chile?
A: Chile is located in South America. It is a long but narrow country which runs along the Western coast of the continent.More precisely...: Chile (pronounced /ˈtʃ... Read More »
Q: Where is Chile?
A: Chile is located in South America. It is a long but narrow country which runs along the Western coast of the continent. Read More »
Q: What Food Is Chile Known For?
A: Corn. Long before the Spaniards arrived in 1541, the Amerindians used the native crop, corn, as a staple in many of their dishes. Even today, many Chilean dishe... Read More »
Q: How to Make Chile Rellenos.
A: Series Summary. Read More »
Q: What is a Chile?
A: Chiles are in the genus Capsicum, and the Solanaceae or nightshade family, which includes other New World plants, such as the tomato, potato, eggplant, tobacco ... Read More »