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Cholesteatoma is a destructive and expanding growth consisting of keratinizing squamous epithelium in the middle ear and/or mastoid process. Although ...

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An abnormal skin growth in the middle ear behind the eardrum is called cholesteatoma. Repeated infections and/or a tear or pulling inward of the eardrum can ...

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Sep 18, 2012 ... A cholesteatoma is a non-cancerous skin cyst that develops in the middle section of your ear. It may be congenital-meaning that you were born ...

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Cholesteatoma is abnormal skin cells in your ear. Find out how to diagnose Cholesteatoma and about treating Cholesteatoma.

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Cholesteatoma is a unique disease of your ear in which a skin cyst grows into the middle ear and mastoid. The cyst is not cancerous but can erode tissue and ...

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Cholesteatoma is a type of skin cyst located in the middle ear.

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A cholesteatoma is an uncommon abnormal collection of skin cells inside your ear.

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Cholesteatoma. WHAT IS A CHOLESTEATOMA? Cholesteatoma is a growth of skin cells occurring behind the ear drum that causes damage to the ear drum ...

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Cholesteatoma is usually an ear infection with discharge, common signs include repeated infections despite treatment and a bad odor emanating from the ear.

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A cholesteatoma (ko-less'-tee-a-toe-ma) is rare, especially in children. Typically, it is a growth in the middle ear, in just one ear but it is possible for it to affect ...

A cholesteatoma is a non-cancerous skin cyst that develops in the middle section of your ear. It may be congenital—meaning that you were born with it. It can also be caused by repeated ear infections. ... More »
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May 9, 2016 ... A cholesteatoma consists of squamous epithelium that is trapped within the skull base and that can erode and destroy important structures ...

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Read our article and learn more on MedlinePlus: Cholesteatoma.

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Cholesteatoma is an uncommon condition where a cyst-like growth develops in the ear. It can be a congenital problem (birth defect) but usually occurs as...