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The Church of Euthanasia (also known as CoE) is a religious organization founded by Reverend Chris Korda and Pastor Kim (Robert Kimberk) in the Boston, ...

Church of Euthanasia


A non-profit educational foundation devoted to restoring balance between humans and the remaining species on Earth.

Church of Euthanasia Chronology


Korda manages to get on the floor of the Democratic Convention and sell hundreds of "Save the Planet--Kill Yourself" stickers to the assembled political junkies.

Church of Euthanasia - Snuff It, the quarterly magazine of the CoE


Snuff It Issue #1: Welcome · Letters · The Octopus · Gloom and Doom · Biodiversity · Ask Chrissy · The State of Shit · Being Update · The Boggle Factor · The ...

Church of Euthanasia Press


1, "Chris Korda: Save The Planet--Kill Yourself" (German); 07/21/97 New York Post, p. 8, "Loonies mix it up on Springer show"; 07/18/97 Executive Intelligence ...

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... Tetraktypiscesefiroticus, The Order of KaoS Undur Satan (TOKUS), the Practical Guide to Suicide, ... "Boboroshi of The Church of Euthanasia" ... " Adversarial Aeon Year 5 -- Crossroads Rite" ... "The Lazy Path -- A Short Work of Spontaneity"

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Thee Ordur ov K@s Under Satan (TOKUS) Thee Satanic Church (TSC) .... CHURCH OF SATANIC BROTHERHOOD -- founded in 1973 formerly members of CoS.

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It supplements the TOKUS Satanism Archive, at: http://www.satanservice.org/ .... The Tool of Language -- a Weapon of the Literati ..... a product of shared ritual ordeal as a subset of the Church of Euthanasia which is spreading its Satanic ethics ...