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Church of Euthanasia


The Church of Euthanasia (also known as CoE) is a religious organization founded by Reverend Chris Korda and Pastor Kim (Robert Kimberk) in the Boston, ...

Church of Euthanasia


A non-profit educational foundation devoted to restoring balance between humans and the remaining species on Earth.

Church of Euthanasia - Resource Guide


That Old Krampustyle Understanding of Satanism (TOKUS) is the eclectic home of our Satanic Outreach Coordinator, Boboroshi. DESIP (CoE member Ronald ...

A Cult A Day: The Church of Euthanasia - Modern Notion


Nov 6, 2015 ... The four pillars at the center of the Church of Euthanasia are: suicide, abortion, cannibalism and sodomy.

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... The Order of KaoS Undur Satan (TOKUS), the Practical Guide to Suicide, and a description of the commencement ... "Boboroshi of The Church of Euthanasia"

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... blessed beast! boboroshi at-sign satanservice.org: Satanic Outreach Director Church of Euthanasia: http://www.churchofeuthanasia.org/ TOKUS WEBLINKS: ...

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Church of Euthanasia FAQ


Frequently asked questions about the Church of Euthanasia.

The Contentious History of the Church of Euthanasia - Vice


Oct 23, 2015 ... It would be the first high-profile action by the newly formed Church of Euthanasia, featuring the group's most enduring slogan. Throughout the ...

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Feb 12, 2016 ... Sociologists had already extended meager inquiries in this direction, some of them becoming members of the Church of Satan itself, and ...