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COBOL is a compiled English-like computer programming language designed for business use. It is imperative, procedural and, since 2002, object-oriented.

COBOL Tutorial - TutorialsPoint


COBOL Tutorial - Learn Cobol in simple and easy steps starting from Overview, Environment Setup, Program Structure, Basic Syntax, Data Types, Basic Verbs, ...

3 open source projects keeping COBOL alive and well | Opensource ...


Oct 13, 2015 ... An iconic figure of the early history of computing, Grace Hopper is the grandmother of the COBOL programming language. Of her many claims ...

What is COBOL (Common Business Oriented Language ...


COBOL (Common Business Oriented Language) was the first widely-used high- level programming language for business applications. Many payroll ...

GnuCOBOL (formerly OpenCOBOL) / Discussion / Forums


Jun 19, 2016 ... A free COBOL compiler. Brought to ... GnuCOBOL and general COBOL discussions. ... Offtopic and social chats; expect responses from COBOL ...

COBOL programming - tutorials, lectures, exercises, examples - CSIS


COBOL programming site with a full COBOL course as well as lectures, tutorials, programming exercises, and over 50 example COBOL programs.

The COBOL Programming Language - University of Michigan


Nov 13, 1999 ... COBOL (Common Business Oriented Language) was one of the earliest high- level programming languages. It was developed in 1959 by a ...

COBOL-IT - homepage


Offers an open source compiler and provides consulting, training, development and support services. Headquartered in Paris, France with offices in Brussels, ...

GitHub - IonicaBizau/node-cobol: COBOL bridge for NodeJS which ...


node-cobol - :tv: COBOL bridge for NodeJS which allows you to run COBOL code from NodeJS.

IBM - Software - COBOL Compilers family


The IBM COBOL compilers support IBM z/OS, IBM VSE/ESA, IBM z/VM, and IBM AIX. You get the tools you need to amplify your program development and take ...

Common Business Oriented Language - COBOL
A type of language used in computer programming. Common Business Oriented Language was first introduced in the late '50s and early '60s for use in various types of business applications. COBOL resembles the English language much more closel... More »
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All The Rich Kids Are Into COBOL—But Why? - ReadWrite


Sep 17, 2014 ... All the cool kids write Node.js. But the rich kids? They're into COBOL. According to an ITWorld report, college students that take COBOL classes ...

COBOL Development - Products | Micro Focus


Micro Focus has been the market leader and provider of distributed COBOL development tooling for nearly 40 years. Our comprehensive COBOL portfolio ...

GnuCOBOL (formerly OpenCOBOL) download | SourceForge.net


... download. GnuCOBOL (formerly OpenCOBOL) 2016-06-26 22:34:59.111000 free download. GnuCOBOL (formerly OpenCOBOL) A free COBOL compiler.