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Cognac named after the town of Cognac in France, is a variety of brandy. It is produced in the wine-growing region surrounding the town from which it takes its  ...

6 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Cognac - Forbes


Oct 10, 2013 ... Different parts of the Cognac region produce different-tasting spirits (Photo credit: Wikipedia) 1) It's Often On Allocation. Mostly Because Of ...

Cognac : The Whisky Exchange


For the past three centuries, Cognac has been almost universally recognised as the finest of all the spirits that are distilled from grapes. It has many ...

Cognac - Liquor.com


Curious about Cognac? Our guide makes it easy to find your favorite. Explore Cognac and Brandy brands and cocktails today at Liquor.com.

Cognac - Courvoisier®


The rich and varied history of Courvoisier, from the turbulent story of Jarnac to the subtleties of enjoying the Cognac itself.

Martell® Cognac, the oldest of the great cognac houses


Discover the heritage, collection & cocktail of the oldest french cognac houses, forged by passion and knowledge through the Martell® family since 1715.

Hennessy Cognac | Hennessy


... a preview of the "Next Stop Hennessy" exhibition, together with the artists whose original works will be available to view in Cognac throughout the summer.

Cognac Brandy region - Wine Searcher


Most Popular Cognac Brandy: the region, the producers and the best prices for the Brandy.

Rémy Martin - Cognac Fine Champagne - VSOP, XO, 1738, ...


A clear explanation of the Cognac area and production methods, and a journey through the largest cooperage in Europe.

Cognac - American University


The Issue Nearly three centuries ago, “the Cognac industry began to define a code of practice that would preserve the identity and quality of the spirit at every ...

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Cognac.com: Best Cognacs, Tours in Cognac, XO & VSOP Brands ...


Everything Cognac: Cognac brandy houses & brands & tours & history, the beverage, travel the town & region, hotels, restaurants, XO & VSOP reviews, ...

A Field Guide to Cognac - Eater


Nov 17, 2015 ... Eater Drinks recently took a broad look at the world of brandy, hammering home the point that not all brandy is Cognac. Now though, it's time to ...

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Directly from France to your doorstep. Worldwide. Leading international platform for Cognac. Online Shop, Blog, News and Special Offers.