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A list of universities in Serbia. There are 8 public universities in Serbia (with a total number of 85 faculties) and 9 private universities (51 faculties), as well as five independent private faculties, 49 public and 32 private higher schools.


This article is about the History of Timișoara, the largest and most important city in the .... Approximately 1,200 houses, schools, hotels, and public baths were to be found ... the city was reclaimed, while the rivers Bega and Timiș became regulated. ... In the later stage of the revolution, the city was captured by the Serbian ...


Lugoj is a city in Timiș County, Banat, western Romania. The Timiș River divides the city into ... In German: Lugosch; in Serbian: Lugoš (Лугош); in Hungarian: Lugos; in Turkish: Logoş. .... College; Iulia Hașdeu National College; Aurel Vlaicu School Group; Valeriu Braniște College; Drăgan European University of Lugoj ...


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View all Top Universities, Schools and Colleges in Timisoara, Romania 2017. ... the capital City of Timis County, in western Romania, close to the Serbian and ...


2008/9 Schools Wikipedia Selection. ... Tisa (1358km), joined by the Timiş River ( 350 km) and Begej (254 km), all of which connect Serbia with ... Dinaric Alps of Serbia follow the flow of the Drina river (at 350 km navigable for smaller vessels ...


TIMISOARA, Romania - Romanian National Tourist Office, information website regarding travel ... The charm of this city, settled on the northern bank of the Bega River, lies in its distinct ... Nicolas Lenau College (Liceul Nicolas Lenau) ... The baroque Serbian Orthodox Cathedral (Biserica Orthodoxa Sarba), built in 1745- 48, ...


Feb 3, 2017 ... PANCEVO – EUROPEAN GATE OF SERBIA. The City of Pančevo is located in South Vojvodina, at the confluence of the Tamiš and the Danube rivers, at the very edge ... population and 10% are with college or university education which ... Close to three major centers – Belgrade, Novi Sad and Timisoara, ...


... Vienna, Munich, Ljubljana, Timisoara, Kiev, Moscow, Skopje, Thessaloniki, Istanbul (21h) ... Timetables aren't clearly posted; the timetables that are there are in Serbian only, so ask ... Belgrade lies where the rivers Sava and the Danube meet. ..... located in the basement of the University of Belgrade's Technical Faculties.


On initiative of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, the ... Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Ukraine and Austria in 2010.