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A colloid, in chemistry, is a mixture in which one substance of microscopically dispersed insoluble particles is suspended throughout another substance.

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Jul 14, 2016 ... A colloid is one of the three primary types of mixtures, with the other two being a solution and suspension. A colloid is a solution that has ...

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In this lesson, you will learn the definition of colloids. There will be examples provided to assist you with your understanding of the topic....

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A colloidal substance is any which has the quality of having another substance diffused evenly throughout it. In the example of milk, there is a dispersal of liquid  ...

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Colloids are mixtures whose particles are larger than the size of a molecule but smaller than particles that can be seen with the naked eye. Colloids are one of ...

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Suspensions, colloids and solutions. The difference between molarity and molality.

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A mixture in which one substance is divided into minute particles (called colloidal particles) and dispersed throughout a second substance. The substances are ...

Aug 26, 2015 ... You will learn about "Solution, Suspension and Colloid" in this video. Let us understand this with the help of an activity. Take some water in 3 ...

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Colloidal systems often benefit from particle size and stability analysis. Multiple techniques can be used to discover the particle-particle interactions of colloid ...

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Colloidal silver products and premium grade colloidal minerals manufactured by Purest Colloids. Our products maximize particle surface area to optimize ...

Physical Chemistry. a substance made up of a system of particles with linear dimensions in the range of about 10−7 to 5 × 10−5 cm dispersed in a continuous gaseous, liquid, or solid medium whose properties depend on the large specific surface area. The particles can be large molecules like proteins, or solid, liquid, or gaseous aggregates and they remain dispersed indefinitely.
Medicine/Medical. a colloidal substance in the body, as a stored secretion or a cyst.
Physical Chemistry. colloidal.
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