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The Colubridae (from Latin coluber, snake) are a family of snakes. With 304 genera and 1,938 species, Colubridae is the largest snake family, and includes ...

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The Colubridae family is by far the largest family of snakes, with more than 2000 species. These snakes are commonly referred to as colubrids or colubrid ...

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Colubrid, any member of the most common family of snakes, Colubridae, characterized by the complete absence of hind limbs, the absence or considerable ...

Colubridae Family


The family Colubridae is the largest snake family, containing approximately 70 percent of all snake species (Pough et al. 1998). This wide range of diversity ...



Colubridae. Facebook. Twitter. KingdomAnimaliaanimals. Animalia: ... Family Colubridae · Colubridae: pictures (273). GenusAchalinus. GenusAdelophis. Genus ...

Family Colubridae


34. FAMILY COLUBRIDAE. 2. Pl. 8.1. Boiga irregularis (Colubridae): mainly arborealin diverse habitats, from coastal heaths to rainforests in northern and ...

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www.qm.qld.gov.au/Find out about/Animals of Queensland/Reptiles/Snakes/Colubrid Snakes Colubridae

Colubrid Snakes - Colubridae. The colubrids are a group of solid-toothed and rear-fanged snakes that lack a sophisticated venom-delivery system. Only ten ...

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Colubrids. (Colubridae). Class Reptilia. Order Squamata. Suborder Serpentes. Family Colubridae. Thumbnail description. Highly variable in size, body form, and  ...

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Colubridae. This is by far the largest and most common family of snakes, with close to 2000 species found on all the continents except Antarctica. They are ...

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Q: What's the definition of colubridae?
A: colubridae: nonvenomous snakes Read More »
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Q: Colubridae Natrix water snake?
A: Natrcine water snakes hibernate in the winter. They are usually lowered to 10 to 15 degrees C on an empty stomach and then placed in a cool garage or even in a ... Read More »
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Q: Do changing moisture levels during incubation influence phenotypi...
A: Phenotypic traits (e.g., size, strength, speed) of hatchlings in many reptile species are influenced by hydric conditions in the nest. Previous experiments have... Read More »
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Q: What is medical definition of Colubridae?
A: a family of snakes in the class Reptilia. There are two subfamilies, the Colubrinae, which are aglyphous and therefore nonvenomous, and the Boiginae, which are ... Read More »
Source: medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com