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[dey-tuhm, dat-uhm, dah-tuhm]
a single piece of information, as a fact, statistic, or code; an item of data.
Epistemology. the object of knowledge as presented to the mind.
Surveying, Civil Engineering any level surface, line, or point used as a reference in measuring elevations.
Surveying a basis for horizontal control surveys, consisting of the longitude and latitude of a certain point, the azimuth of a certain line from this point, and two constants used in defining the terrestrial spheroid.
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Data (/ˈdeɪtə/ DAY-tə, /ˈdætə/ DA-tə, or /ˈdɑːtə/ DAH-tə) is a set of values of qualitative or quantitative variables; restated, piece...

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noun plural but singular or plural in construction, da·ta often attributive \ˈdā-tə, ˈ da- also ˈdä-\. : facts or information used usually to calculate, analyze, or plan ...

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Data is distinct information that is formatted in a special way. Data exists in a variety of forms, like text on paper or bytes stored in electronic memory.

Definition: Data consists of a series of facts or statements that may have been collected, stored, processed and/or manipulated but have not been organized or placed into context. If we sort the data by ZIP code and summarize the number of orders that come from each c... More »
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Data is a plural of datum, which is originally a Latin noun meaning “something given.” Today, data is used in English both as a plural noun meaning “facts or ...



Official U.S. government site providing increased public access to federal government datasets. Includes metadata, how to access the datasets, and tools that ...

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Information in raw or unorganized form (such as alphabets, numbers, or symbols) that refer to, or represent, conditions, ideas, or objects. Data is limitless and ...



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The .data() method allows us to attach data of any type to DOM elements in a way that is safe from circular references and therefore from memory leaks. We can ...

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